MacBook users amaze TikTok with a major Life hack to find emojis on the keyboard: “That exists?”


A Tick ​​tock User is Go viral after uncovering the emoji keyboard shortcuts on a Mac.

It is a Life hack Many viewers said they were unaware of this, although it is shockingly easy to do. As it turns out, you can activate the emoji keyboard with just one shortcut.

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Information is courtesy of the popular and aptly named user @mac_hacks.

His video is just the latest in a long line of technology Hacks to make the app go viral. In the past few months, users have also been doing tricks for Unlock an iPhone with voice control, Easier to store your AirPods and Block spam calls.

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As with all of these hacks, @mac_hacks’ trick came as news to many viewers while others commented that they already know it.

“If you don’t use this MacBook shortcut, you’re wasting time.” @mac_hacks says in his video.

In the video, @mac_hacks shows how to activate the emoji keyboard shortcuts on a Mac by pressing the Ctrl key, the Command key and the Spacebar at the same time. The combo activates the emoji keyboard, which can also be opened in the “Edit” tab of most browser settings.

As @mac_hacks explains, the shortcut works in most programs that require input. The keyboard has a long list of commonly used emojis, as well as many other symbols.

Many users were blown away by the hack.

“What that exists?” one commentator wrote.

In the meantime, others felt that it wasn’t really that helpful. Some stated that they only activated the keyboard with a few extra clicks, while others point out that on many newer MacBook models, you can use emojis via the touch bar at the top of the keyboard.

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