Lin Xiya, Zhang Dansan & Luna break the silence over the Kris Wu allegations


It looks like Pandora’s box has just been let loose on Kris Wu Yi Fan (吴亦 凡). Du Meizhu has kept her promise to divulge the former EXO member’s dirty secrets, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

More and more women (in some cases – girls) have come forward to tell their truth about 30 year old celebrity. Amidst all of the shocking allegations that Kris is a sex predator, here are some of the women who broke their silence:

1. Actress Lin Xiya (林西娅)

It was rumored that Lin Xiya was dating Kris back in 2014. She went to her Weibo account with the following cryptic message: “Seven years, justice? Bring it on. “


2. Zhang Dansan from SNH48 (张丹 三)

Kris Wu Zhang Dansan was a former member of SNH48 Team X. In her Weibo post, she uploaded screenshots of her alleged conversation with Kris when he asked her out on a date. While she can’t corroborate other stories out there, she urges fans not to silence anyone and to want girls to heed her warning.

3. Qin Niu Zheng Wei (秦 牛 正 威), also known as Luna Qin

Kris Wu

Back in August 2019, Kris was seen holding hands with a mysterious girl on a date. She was later identified as Qin Niu Zheng Wei (秦 牛 正 威) or Luna Qin. Instead of recent events, Luna decided to pin her 2019 post to the top of her Weibo page.

“Girls help girls” is currently the number 1 trending topic on Weibo. We wouldn’t be surprised if more women shared their stories about Kris Wu.

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