Let luxury be your companion with updated Louis Vuitton City Guides


Have you ever wished you could travel to the world’s most amazing travel destinations, steeped in whimsy and innate coolness? Well, that fantasy can now become a reality, with a little help from luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s 2021 City Guides. The LV City Guides show 15 of the hottest cities in the world, from Cape Town to Milan to Shanghai and beyond. The long-standing series of the legendary French design house is back and completely updated with all the important information about the trendy places to stay, see, eat, shop and celebrate. Additionally, there is a celebrity in everyone who is native to the city and ready to share the best of local secrets. Available in five different colored, lacquered wooden boxes, prepare the accompanying guides for the chicest journey of your life.

The 2021 Paris Edition of Fashion Eye, photographed by Chinese photographer Feng Li

Louis Vuitton

Also available from the brand soon are three new editions of Fashion eye, Louis Vuitton’s standard photography series. With the work of American photographer Melvin Sokolsky, Chinese photographer Feng Li and Spanish photographer Robi Rodriguez, the latest releases offer stunning images of the City of Lights and the beautiful city of London, catching the heartbeat of bustling metropolises through fashion, architecture and, of course the residents. Hitting the market in November, they would make a pretty edition for any home.


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