Kitchen trends: Interior experts reveal the top trends for 2022



This year more people have used their kitchen as multifunctional spaces such as home offices and training rooms. So it’s no wonder that if a room needs to be freshened up in 2022, it will be the kitchen. Polly Shearer, Kitchen Interior Expert at Tap Warehouse, has predicted the top 10 kitchen trends for 2022.

Natural elements

Natural woods, living plants and neutral color palettes are all the rage in 2022.

Polly stated, “Natural colors like beige, cashmere and sage green are popular for ‘natural kitchens’ and are great options for incorporating biophilic designs that focus on connecting humans with the natural environment.

“Natural light is also the key to creating an inviting, lively kitchen and a common characteristic of biophilic design.”

Homeowners can also add houseplants to a natural kitchen that have been shown to lift the spirits and improve the air quality in the home.

Multifunctional rooms

Kitchens will also have to adapt in 2022 to be multifunctional as more and more people work from home.

A great way to make a room multifunctional is to add extra space on the countertop.

According to Polly, people also look for different types of products at home.

Google searches for coffee machines have increased especially in winter as many people try to get that coffee shop experience at home.

Open shelves

Floating and open shelves are a great way to store kitchen utensils while adding a touch of Scandinavian style to the kitchen.

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Utensils, glasses and plants on floating shelves create a minimalist aesthetic and show kitchen ware without clutter.

Homeowners need to avoid putting too much on the shelves or they could look too cluttered.

Living room furniture in kitchens

Some apartments are becoming more open, which means that furniture from other areas is moving into the kitchen.

This is a trend that is leading to kitchens being used for socializing and relaxing rather than just cooking and eating.

Blue facility

Dark blue furniture is popular in bathrooms, but it’s growing in popularity in kitchens.

Polly explains, “Dark blue or navy blue kitchen cabinets give a modern look, but also add a subtle pop of color that is often lacking in white or gray kitchens.

Green kitchen cabinets

Green seems to be a popular choice for homeowners looking for warmth and a touch of nature in their homes.

Dark green looks great with black faucets and sinks.

Matt surfaces

Much like the popularity of rose gold, matte finishes are becoming more and more mainstream.

Polly said, “Matt faucets offer a subtle, non-glossy finish that is perfect for modern homes.

“Although black is a popular matte finish, 2022 is the year matte white paints really take off.”



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