Julia Fox starts a new career as an adult crafter


Socialite, photographer, fashion designer, actress, Ye’s ex-girlfriend – Julia Fox is a jack of all trades. Now it seems her worldliness culminates in the rough start of her new career: as a grown-up handyman.

As I wrote a week ago, something shifted when the raccoon-eyed maven got a ring light.

Cementing her eye makeup application and denim ripping lessons as a weekly tutorial series, she’s back with a demonstration of how to style a Hanes “husband bat” (Fox’s words, not mine!) into a crop top and transformed into a miniskirt. (Step aside, Miu Miu.)

As Fox showed, it’s not very complicated: just cut the tank top in half. It’s called a lifehack, check it out.

“You already know when I lived on the bayou in Louisiana, there weren’t any clothing stores,” Fox said in the two-minute clip. “I would go to Walmart and get it [Hanes] and wear them as little mini dresses and run around the bayou and do my thing.”

“Affordable, cute, chic, what more could you ask for?” finished her pitch.

Luckily for the bayou-less, you can wear hanes in Los Angeles, too!

Fox debuted her DIY look in the City of Angels in what appears to be a mall. Styled with patent leather gloves, Giuseppe Zannotti over the knee boots and a Balenciaga bag, the ripped fit – and the online reaction to it – reignites the long-running debate: Is it fashion or is she just skinny?

Body politics aside, Fox’s latest tutorial should definitely rank on Google for “adult craft ideas.”


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