Jalayah uses YouTube videos to encourage children to read



Jalayah George is reading her favorite book, Ella’s Ever Glowing Light. – ROGER JACOB

Social media influencers can also be children! That’s the message six-year-old Jalayah George wants to convey to children around the world.

Jalayah, a student at Bishop Anstey Junior School, is in Prep-Two (sophomore year). She lives in Petit Valley with her mother, father, brother and sister. She is the eldest of her parents’ three children. She is looking forward to celebrating her seventh birthday in November.

Jalayah started making YouTube videos earlier this year where she reads and shares educational adventures and activities with her viewers and subscribers. Jalayah has six videos and is working on more with her parents. She has 128 YouTube subscribers and over 200 followers on Facebook.

She said, “My dad Jovon helps me with recording and editing and my mom Juliana helps me practice.”

Jalayah has been reading fluently since she was three years old after attending Precious Little Angels Pre School. Her favorite book is Ella’s Ever Glowing Light by local author Monique Des Vignes. Des Vignes gifted the book to Jalayah for use on her YouTube channel.

At school she said, “My favorite subject is art because I can create new things, but I like all subjects at school.”

When Newsday Kids asked Jalayah why she started making videos, she said, “I started making videos because some kids don’t go to school but their parents still want them to study.

Jalayah George’s collection of books that she reads in YouTube videos. – ROGER JACOB

“What really made me want to start a YouTube channel is that I saw a lot of people on YouTube and I wanted to have a YouTube channel too!”

She said her videos are for kids of all ages who want to learn.

Jalayah will soon be adding educational adventures to her list of videos, starting with a visit outside of space and a visit to the past. She said, “I don’t know what other adventures I’m going to do, but I’m going to do a lot of them.”

The adventures are based on stories from books in their growing library.

When asked what advice she would give to others who want to start a YouTube channel, she said: “I would say to others that they can do whatever they want in their YouTube videos and it can be your little brother or yours involve your little sister or even your mom or dad.”

When Jalayah is not doing her schoolwork, working on her videos or helping with chores at home, she plays with her brother Jahdai and sister Jahira. She said: “We play games like tag or games with our phones on TV.”

Jalayah George, a student at Bishop Anstey Junior School, says her favorite subject is art. – ROGER JACOB

Jalayah is looking forward to going to her school for the first time in April and excited for her younger brother to join her.

“I look forward to making many new friends!”

When asked if she’ll be sharing her videos with her new friends, she said: “Maybe not at first because I’m shy. I’m shy because maybe they share my videos and then other people share them too and I get too famous. “

When asked if she doesn’t want to be famous, she said, “I want to be famous, but a YouTube channel isn’t about being famous, it’s about making sure people get an education.”

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