Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer licensed tourist guides stage stir against ‘lapkas’ | Jaipur News

Jaisalmer: Licensed guides formed a human chain on Monday protesting the government’s failure to stop fake guides from scamming tourists visiting the district. They claimed that government inefficiency contributed to the decline in tourism business.
The protesters, who gathered under the banner of the Jaisalmer Tourist Guides Welfare Society, carried placards and banners calling for immediate action against the fake guides, locally called “lapkas”. Society Secretary Narendra Changani said there are around 600 authorized guides in Jaisalmer, of whom only 200 are working as many have gone through lapkas due to the increase in bullying. He claimed that the lapkas are stealing their business from them by only charging Rs 100-200.
Tourist security forces and the administration have been asked to take action against these lapkas, which confuse tourists by giving false information about the city’s history.
Changani said licensed guides charge 1000 rupees for Jaisalmer sightseeing but has been reduced to 500 rupees due to corona. Another leader, Arun Purohit, said the union’s finance minister has announced a 1 lakh loan at a low interest rate for licensed leaders but there is no bank. TNN

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