iOS 15: How to Find Fun Things to Do with the Dedicated Apple Maps Guide Section


In iOS 15, the Maps app brought several major improvements, including better driving directions, improved driving directions for public transit, and more immersive AR-based driving directions.

Additionally, Apple added its own Guides Home, which includes editorially curated guides with tips on what to do in a city you live or visit.

To explore Apple’s guides in the Maps app at any time, drag the main menu card up with your finger. In the section titled “Editor’s Recommendations,” you can scroll sideways to see the guides that Apple is currently highlighting. Alternatively, tap Explore guides to go to the main guides home page.

The guides home page is organized vertically, with editor’s picks at the top, followed by seasonal guides, the latest guides, and then cities. If you keep scrolling you will find a section where you can search for publishers. If you tap the chevron at the top of Guides Home, you can switch between city guides worldwide or city guides by continent.

As soon as you open a guidebook you will see a map with all of the locations covered in the following editorial. Tapping on a location provides more details on opening times, reviews, directions, etc., or you can scroll down the travel guide and read the summary descriptions of each location.

At the top of the editorial section, you’ll see options to go to the publisher’s website, share the guide, or save. If you choose to save it, it will appear in the “My Guides” section of the Maps main menu card.

Tap the icon above a description and it will be highlighted on the map along with more details. If you tap the + button next to a location in the guide, you can add it to your own custom guide for quick reference on the go. When you type Find out more, Safari will open and you will be taken to the publisher’s website to view the full article.

For more information on all the changes to Maps in ‌iOS 15‌, see our dedicated Maps Guide.

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