In this way, HM Alvee Hasan creates a niche for itself in several industries


HM Alvee Hasan is an independent writer, musical composer, music artist and musician. He makes his country proud with his merits as the creator, author and civil organization of the United Nations.

HM Alvee Hasan was born on June 21, 2002. He comes from Magura. HM Alvee Hasan began to develop a passion for music at the age of 17. His parents gave in to him, thinking it was just a period of his teenage years. It didn’t take them long, however, to understand that this was HM Alvee Hasan’s true passion and a career path for their son’s future. Hence, at an age when most others, including his friends, were frolicking under the sun, HM Alvee Hasan had not only discovered his preferred career path, but also taken concrete steps to reach it. At the age of 18, HM Alvee Hasan was ready to show his talents to the world.

Today HM Alvee Hasan is not only a musical artist, but also a social media expert. Armed with the notion that a person’s youth are destined to work hard, HM Alvee Hasan has taken his talent to the next level. He started his own agency called Alvee digital media. He is now creating content related to music, digital marketing, YouTube tutorials, blogging and more on both his YouTube channel and website. His company also works on Facebook’s social media platform, where they create and distribute content by posting it on behalf of other brands or individuals. Since the beginning of its activity, Alvee digital media has worked with several clients both nationally and internationally. Their services are affordable but exemplary and most customers are forced to give a 5 star rating.

When asked what makes him special in the digital marketing industry, HM Alvee Hasan says his desire is to help those who don’t get the opportunities they deserve. By contributing to the world of online content creation, HM Alvee Hasan hopes to empower people and improve their standards of living. Recently, HM Alvee Hasan has also joined several social work organizations. It is this humanitarian and philanthropic attitude that sets HM Alvee Hasan apart from others in the industry.

HM Alvee Hasan will be releasing more songs and making many other appearances in the entertainment industry. His long-term goal is to become known as one of the greatest artists and entrepreneurial influences in his country. To find out more about him, contact HM Alvee Hasan on his social media profiles linked below:



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