I’m a lawyer – the secret signs that a person is lying to you and how to use them in everyday life


According to one attorney, there are clear signs that someone is lying that you could recognize and use in your everyday life.

Carrie Jernigan is a lawyer on TikTok with 1.2 million followers who shares her expertise when it comes to catching liars.


Lawyer Carrie Jernigan, pictured, shared her tips for spotting when someone is lyingCredit: TikTok/carriejernigan1
Lawyer Carrie


Lawyer CarrieCredit: TikTok/carriejernigan1

She says these simple tricks have made her a good lawyer.

Jernigan believes that a liar has these same traits, and once you identify those traits, it will be almost impossible not to spot a lie.

In her TikTok video, Jernigan tells her audience that an obvious way to tell if someone is lying is to repeat the question to you.

For example, if you think your significant other is cheating on you and you say, “Are you cheating on me?” and they say, “Am I cheating on you? No!”

Jernigan says this is the brain’s way of giving the liar a few seconds to wait while he comes up with a lie.

Another way to tell if someone is lying is if they include way too much detail in their story.

It’s hard to remember a lot of details when telling a story, so if someone does something like that, they’re probably lying.

You may have done this yourself, like trying to break out of plans.

Jernigan recalls giving way too many details and excuses about why she doesn’t want to go anywhere to make her made-up story seem more believable.

When someone tells the truth, they don’t feel the need to make up all those extra little things because the truth is enough, she says.

In another video, the attorney, who received her JD from the University of Arkansas Law School, according to her law group’s website, revealed three reasons she will never sail aboard a cruise ship.

In which first videoJernigan cites being the victim of a cruise ship crime as one of her main concerns.

“There is no police, no government agency, no investigative agency that can help you,” she says.

Jernigan also mentions the fact that determining the location where the crime took place in relation to the nearest cruise ship port or country is a complex endeavor.

But sometimes, when a ship is 24 nautical miles off a country’s coast, it ends up in international waters.

In this case, the country whose flag is flown on the ship governs – usually belonging to the Bahamas or Panama.


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