I’m a laundry pro and hate ironing my clothes – this easy, free tumble dryer trick makes sure they’re always close at hand


HOUSEHOLD errands are time consuming and sometimes nerve wrackingly boring.

Many of us don’t have time to wash or iron our clothes every day.


One organizing expert said coconut oil can protect your shoesPhoto credit: TikTok/@mama_mila_
She uses ice to remove wrinkles from clothes in the dryer


She uses ice to remove wrinkles from clothes in the dryerPhoto credit: TikTok/@mama_mila_

A cleaning and home improvement expert named Chantel Mila stopping by @mama_mila_ on TikTok has gained a following of almost a million users thanks to her creative videos.

She shared three life hacks that will definitely come in handy.


Her first tip was how to preserve your leather boots.

“Apply coconut oil to leather boots to soak them,” she said.

Chantel simply took a washcloth soaked in some oil and rubbed it over the surface of the shoe.

Wrinkle-free clothing

Most of us hate ironing our clothes, but nothing looks worse than a wrinkled outfit.

Chantel has a solution for this.

And the best? It’s free.

“Tumble dry clothes with ice cubes to remove wrinkles without ironing.”

In the comments section, she added that a wet towel would do the trick too.

“Basically, it creates steam that removes the wrinkles like an iron.”

makeup stains

If you’ve ever worn bronzer or foundation on your neck, you know that a lot of these products end up on the hem of your shirts.

Chantel came up with an unexpected solution: shaving cream.

Simply spray shaving cream onto the garment itself, buff with a soft brush and watch it disappear.

Her fans were blown away by the simplicity of the hacks.

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“Omg, the shaving cream hack. I have to try!! I spill all the time,” one person wrote.

“The ice cubes!” added another.

Viewers were surprised that shaving cream removed makeup stains


Viewers were surprised that shaving cream removed makeup stainsPhoto credit: TikTok/@mama_mila_

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