I’m a flight attendant – why we never drink the water on planes and something you won’t notice we always carry


Being a flight attendant requires patience, a love of travel, and tons of life hacks.

As these workers travel long distances in confined spaces every day, they need to learn what makes those flights seamless and comfortable.


A flight attendant revealed untold tidbits about the professionPhoto credit: Tiktok
She said she always wears sunscreen when flying


She said she always wears sunscreen when flyingPhoto credit: Tiktok

A flight attendant named Cierra Mistt walking by @cierra_mistt on TikTok has gained a following of over 3 million users thanks to her videos with travel tips and secrets.

She recently revealed three secrets about her job that most people don’t know — and one of them is pretty gross.

“Number one, we always wear sunscreen when we work.

“We do this because every day we fly around in a metal tube at about 35,000 feet, and that’s really close to the ozone layer.”

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Because they are exposed to so much radiation, health insurance places them in the same category as astronauts and radiologists.

Her second secret involved a tip most of us will follow: don’t drink coffee.

“Unless we are very desperate, we will not drink the coffee or tea that is delivered on the plane.

“The water we use for the coffee and the tea comes from the same place, and you know what? It is never cleaned.”

Though airlines tell passengers they conduct “regular water quality testing,” Cierra said it’s not as common as you might think.

“We’re told it’s going to be around 6-9 months for even one test to be done on an airplane and they won’t clean that tank unless they find something.”

Her third and final secret was that she lives in a hotel with nine other pilots and flight attendants.

She said the housemates had a lot of “juicy stories.”

Viewers were particularly surprised by her second revelation:

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“Thanks for the water tip…definitely never drink that damn water again,” one person commented.

“Good to know! Now I bring at least 5 bottles of water,” added another.

She warned passengers about the hot water on board


She warned passengers about the hot water on boardPhoto credit: Tiktok

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