I’m a DIY expert and I made a marble table out of a pizza pan, stool, and contact paper for $ 10


A WOMAN has given her home an incredible upgrade with frugal DIY hacks – including using bedsheets to make curtains and converting a pizza pan into a marble effect table.

Julie Story, 34, of Clearwater Florida, realized she had a passion for creating things after quitting her last job to become a full-time content creator.


Julie Story is a DIY expertCredit: Jam Press
She turned a pizza pan into a marble table


She turned a pizza pan into a marble tableCredit: Jam Press

Now she’s sharing her ideas online with her curtain and table hacks helping her gain thousands of Likes and Views.

“I was burned out in 2019. It’s been a tough couple of years, personally and professionally,” Julie told Jam Press.

“I ran my own business, but it just didn’t make me happy anymore.

“I made a really difficult decision to give up everything and focus on reconnecting with my soul to try to find myself and my happiness again.

“I decided to wake up every day and wonder how I was going to play that day and do what I was drawn to.”

Julie started making Pinterest boards to inspire herself and it helped her put together her popular hacks.

She only spent $ 10 to make the table with a pizza pan, stool, marble contact paper, and metallic spray paint.

Julie said, “I was dying to have a side table in my master bedroom that I was remodeling, so I searched online and found so many were way too expensive so I decided to make my own!

“I happened to have the stool that I was going to use on another project and I took the top of the stool to different places to try different things that I could use as the top.

“Finally, I’ve found that a pizza pan is perfect because it’s affordable and the right size.

“Since I started with a stool, I wanted to add detail to the underside of the legs to look like a table, and cutting and gluing dowels worked perfectly.”

The video received over 16,000 views, with people commenting on how much they love the hack.

One person said, “I love this !!! I needed a small side table !!! ”

“Wonderful,” said another person.

Another popular trick was their sheet curtains, which were only $ 7.

In the video, Julie takes her sheets and puts them in the dryer on the de-wrinkle setting.

Then she irons the sheets before she presses the curtains together at the top and clips on the curtain rod rings.

Julie said, “I was trying to create a budget-friendly West Elm curtain rod and came across the idea for the bed sheet curtains from Pinterest

“I love long, beautiful curtains, and bedsheets were the perfect solution for affordable curtains that reach the floor.”

After posting the video on Tiktok, Julie received more than 8,000 likes and 75,000 views.

One person said, “Omg, thanks for that.”

“I’m moving into a new apartment … that will be great !!! Thanks for sharing !!! ”said another person.

Another commented: “You are a crazy genius and I love it !!!”

“Yes, that’s what I’m here for,” said another viewer.

Julie has over 444,000 followers Tick ​​tock where she shares everyday hacks as well as craft and DIY ideas.

She urges anyone thinking about DIY to give it a try and not give up.

Julie added, “Enjoy the process, have fun and make it your own.

“Screw up and move on, the best part of the process is the joy of the journey of doing.

“Maybe you will learn something new about yourself or learn a new skill.”

She only spent $ 10 to make the table


She only spent $ 10 to make the tableCredit: Jam Press
The table looks expensive and stable


The table looks expensive and stableCredit: Jam Press
She also made DIY curtains


She also made DIY curtainsCredit: Jam Press
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