Il Makiage: Professional Makeup Secrets For Black Skin You Must Know …


IL MAKIAGE partnered with GLAMOR for this year’s edition of Black Beauty Unlocked, a two-day IRL soiree where industry experts and influencers share their knowledge and hacks in an incredible series of panel discussions on everything related to black beauty – from hair to on skin care and makeup to cosmetic treatments best for black skin.

One of the highlights was The Full Beat Masterclass in collaboration with IL MAKIAGE, the fast growing beauty empire in the USA that advocates inclusivity with a make-up line that does everyone justice. For the session, Sheilla Mamona from GLAMOR was brought up for discussion by professional makeup artist Adeola Boyega and beauty influencers Wendy Asumadu and Mariam Musa.

Tea was served – here are the best hacks shared by the panel (you can thank us later).

1. Choose your primer based on your skin type

“Not all primers are created equal. So if you have oily skin, you can go for oil-free skin, or if you have dry skin, moisturizing makes all the difference, ”says Adeola Boyega. “It’s really about assessing your skin and figuring out which primer is right for you.”

For an easy option for everyone IL MAKIAGE’s No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing Primer (£ 28) works for both skin types as it creates a moisturizing glow while minimizing the appearance of pores and providing some staying power without drying out the skin.

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2. Color matching is a game changer

Finding the right skin color for your concealer and foundation is an important step in perfecting the full beat. But we know it’s not always easy. “As a woman of color, it was so difficult to find the right foundation when I was growing up,” explains Mariam Musa. “We just weren’t a priority, but I think we’re definitely now at a time where they’re taking more steps to make sure we get our foundation and feel included.”


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