Idaho leads the nation when it comes to inflation


Wow, the liberal news media tells us things are bad under ‘bidenomics’. While taking a few days off last week, I came across a story from Boise State Public Radio. You can track it by clicking here. The worst rate of inflation in America is right here at home. The Mountain West region comes to 8.6 percent! That doesn’t bode well for buyers in Idaho.

Blame Joe Biden?

I keep reading stories in other old media publications where authors explain that there is not much President Biden can do about the rising cost of living. I’m not sure if he’s trying to do anything. The news media can make all sorts of excuses for her man in the White House, but the electorate sees disaster.

Inflation could get a lot worse. It’s also a worldwide problem, according to the Washington Post. Lumber prices are on the rise again, which means any plans you have for building a new home must factor in additional costs.

Government press has overheated

Reporters mention many factors for skyrocketing prices. However, blame the pandemic, labor shortages and supply chain issues. Rarely do I see a mention of devalued currency. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a YouTube video that talks about the global flood of dollars. Two years ago, less than $5 trillion was in circulation. Today it is over 20 trillion! I’ve used the whiskey analogy before. If you have a bottle of 80 proof on the tavern wall and start watering it down every night after it closes, it won’t be long before you have 40 proof.

I happily spent the last government stimulus check (I paid off a debt). I don’t need any other for my country.

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