I live alone and swear by seven items – the devices help me save time and money


A self-proclaimed “lazy” woman who lives alone has shared the seven gadgets that are helping her save time and money.

The TikToker used the social media app to share tips with others who depend on themselves to get things done.


A TikToker has revealed seven devices that can save you time and moneyCredit: TikTok/@jawsolyn
Jocelyn C said these products are great for a


Jocelyn C said these products are great for a “lazy” person who lives aloneCredit: TikTok/@jawsolyn

“Things that make life easier for me as a lazy single parent” wrote Creator Jocelyn C in a text overlay.

Jocelyn then gave a tour of all the fancy gadgets in her apartment that she can’t live without.

First, she talked about the importance of having a laptop charger in every room.

“It saves me from having to unplug and carry them around all the time,” Jocelyn said.

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“I just sit where I need to and then plug in my laptop when I’m working around the house.”

She also explained the importance of keeping her coffee or tea warm while scurrying around the apartment.

“A temperature-controlled Ember mug because I tend to forget my drinks and then they get cold,” Jocelyn said.

She explained that the mug keeps the drink hot rather than forcing you to heat the same drink multiple times.

Jocelyn’s next must-have item was an expensive Dyson brand fan that doubles as a heater and air purifier.

“I don’t have a lot of storage space so this is perfect because it’s three in one and I don’t have to buy three separate units.”

Another household product that makes life easier is a side table with sockets.

“You can never have too many outlets,” said Jocelyn.

She also challenged her viewers to up their kettle game and showcased a heater that boils water super fast.

“I know we Americans are late in the game when it comes to owning a kettle, but get a kettle,” the TikToker said.

Jocelyn also implored Americans to invest in a rice cooker.

“I know some of you will understand, once you’ve gone Zojirushi, you’ll never go back,” she said, straining her expensive device.

Since Jocelyn doesn’t have a dishwasher, she said her two-tier dish rack is essential.

“It maximizes your drying ability and capacity,” the TikToker said.

Finally, she said that developing a meal plan is a huge life changer.

“I’m not a great cook,” Jocelyn said.

“I used to love to cook, but I’m way too busy and I don’t have a car, so I can’t drive to the grocery store.”

She then explained that her work pays off with a ready-made meal plan that she can just reheat and then enjoy.

Commenters loved Jocelyn’s suggestions and shared some of their own favorite gadgets.

“I honestly can’t underestimate the quality of life improvement of just adding a charger that stays around the couch,” one commented.

The original poster replied, “I have 1 in the kitchen, 1 by the couch, 1 by my desk.”

“Zojirushi is top notch,” another person said approvingly.

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