How to save money on your vacation with flight pack hacks that save Irish tourists money on their travels


Do you want to save money while on vacation? One place where you can easily save pennies is on your flights. But if you’ve already booked at the best time and caught a red eye, what else can you do to ease that financial burden?

Well, packing for travel on a budget airline can be stressful, as many budget airlines offer tourists the option of only taking carry-on luggage with them on their trip or paying extra for checked luggage. Often the price of checked baggage can be as high as the flight itself.

There are a few internet hacks that can help you avoid the somewhat stingy baggage allowances offered by many airlines.

The pillow hack

A savvy TikTok user shared a pillow hack that has taken airports around the world by storm. Packing your hand luggage can be tricky as there are usually only small weight limits like 10 or 15 kg.

TikTok user Anya Lakovlieva posted a video of her filling an empty pillowcase with clothes that don’t fit in her bag and taking that pillowcase to the airport. The case looked like a regular pillow and the social media star was able to take her place on the plane and easily bypass any additional baggage fees.

“Pillows fly for free,” she shared. While this hack is pretty clever, some airlines will charge for additional “personal items” that need to be brought on board, so make sure you double-check what your airline allows you to do beforehand, assuming the hack works every time.

Duty Free Bags

If you’re a fan of airport shopping, this is for you! Airlines usually do not count duty-free bags as an additional piece of luggage, since you only take possession of them at the airport.

Buy something in the duty-free section (if you already planned to) and ask for a larger bag than the item you are buying requires. Then take some items from your overweight suitcase or just one heavy item like a jacket or jeans and put it in the duty free bag. Now you’ve minimized the weight of your suitcase so you don’t have to pay for it to go under the plane and you can just take it on the flight under the guise that it was bought duty free.

Book flights and add baggage

Irish influencer Clóda Scanlon recently shared a hack that dropped her flights from €192 to €133 with a few simple clicks on the Ryanair app. If you don’t want the luxury of choosing your seat, you can opt for Ryanair’s Value fare, which many assume allows you to carry just a small bag under your seat.

However, if you skip the seat selection option, you will be taken to a new page where you can select a 10kg carry-on for a fraction. the price of the Regular Value seating option, which includes the 10kg baggage allowance and seat selection.

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