How to make money on YouTube without making videos?



How to make money on YouTube is one of the most searched lines on Google and having the condition of not making videos on YouTube and making money is a challenge that I am going to help you to complete today. Possible? Of course it is possible, but like any other task, it will take your hard work and persistence to grow.

So, How to make money on YouTube without making videos? let’s find out

  1. Choose your niche:

Having a niche in mind is one of the first steps you need to take. Find your sweet spot in terms of interest you want to make videos about. Identify the video category you like the most on YouTube. For example, my favorite category is Technical Reviews. I love watching MKBHD and other reviewers make videos about their experience using a product and review it.

However, most of the channels we look at don’t use their own original content and still make money and monetize their channel by making simple edits to the original creator, giving them credits and re-uploading the videos to make money. This is very legal and categorized as affiliate marketing. So find your niche.

  1. Create your YouTube channel:

Create your YouTube channel, choose a catchy name and create a logo to make your channel look a little more professional. Write relevant content in the bio sections with keywords that result in high search volume. From my research, YouTube doesn’t consider your channel as a robot after following these steps.

  1. Monetize your channel:

To monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least 1000 followers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos. Now enter your keywords according to your selected niche categories, click Filter and tick Creative Commons. This option filters your search based on the number of views where you can select and repost videos as long as you make some changes without being sued for copyright.

Find content you want to use, edit your content, and repost to your channel with your thumbnail and title.

  1. Be consistent:

Stay consistent with your ideas, add creative clickbait titles, style thumbnails, have a storyline and edit your videos in high definition. By following all these steps, you can monetize your channel without actually posting any videos.

Curate your videos and be consistent with your uploads. By following these steps you can start making money from YouTube within a month. Try it yourself!


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