How to lift the seals in Sellia, City of Magic in Elden Ring


Sellia is a dangerous town in Elden Ring that you can partially visit. When you arrive you may think that the city is at your disposal, but if you try to reach a certain location, the gates will be blocked and there will be a barrier protecting them. You have to lower the barrier to get inside. In this guide we will cover how to lift the sigils in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Elden Ring.

How to raise the seats on Sellia

It all comes down to scaling three of the city’s bell towers. These bell towers contain flames that you must light, and each one you light removes various sigils blocking your way forward.

First bell tower

The first bell tower is right next to the seal at the backtown gate. When you reach the large gate at the back, turn left and there will be a branch sticking out of the wall. Jump down and use your horse to reach the bell tower nearby.

Gamepur screenshot

Second bell tower

The second and third bell towers are right next to each other. You can reach the same path by returning to the large seal at the back of town and then going down the stairs you came up from. A branch will protrude from the stairs, reaching into the city. Use your horse to jump down and climb the buildings.

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You need to get inside the buildings with your horse, jump straight to the front of town and turn left. You should see a second bell tower that you can reach with your horse.

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Third bell tower

The third and last bell tower is not far from the second. Turn right from this bell tower and you should see the third one not too far away, within jumping distance for your horse.

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