How to get rid of condensation “in seconds” – moms’ tricks to prevent mold


Condensation is more common in the winter months, increasing the risk of mold growing on your windows. Two moms have shared their simple “hacks” to prevent condensation from building up around their homes.

The problem can occur in any room of the house, although bathrooms and kitchens are often the main hotspots due to the high humidity in these rooms.

During the winter months, indoor humidity levels are increased by heating systems and the cold outside temperatures, leading to more condensation.

When the water vapor in the air comes into contact with a surface temperature lower than the dew point, the temperature at which air becomes saturated, condensation begins to form.

Although condensation is not in itself a problem, it does provide the right environment for mold growth. Typically, mold takes between 24 and 48 hours to form, which is why it’s important to combat condensation build-up as soon as possible.

Nazia, who shares home and lifestyle tips with an audience of 54.1k followers via her TikTok page @naziaxhomeexplained that the easiest way to prevent condensation from forming is to open the windows.

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Zoe showed how she uses the vacuum cleaner on the windows in every room of her house, including the bedroom, every morning. These hand tools are designed to vacuum up condensation, but can also be used when cleaning to remove excess solution when wiping down a window or countertop.

Most are cordless with rechargeable batteries, and a detachable tank is attached to the body to catch the excess water. They can also help extend the life of your windows by reducing mold and dirt build-up on your window frames.

A video commenter named Lizzy O said: “Used [my] Window karcher every winter – it’s awesome.” [SIC]

However, other commenters suggested that the window vacuum cleaner was simply an additional expense that could be solved by simply opening the window. TikTok user The Rabbles Man said: “The problem is too much moisture in the air in your house. Need more ventilation or reduce the causes of humidity.”

Where can you buy a window vacuum?

If you decide to invest in a window vacuum, there are several brands that sell them at different prices.


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