How to enable or disable subtitles for YouTube videos


YouTube offers auto-generated subtitles for most videos. It can either be in the main language of the video or in another supported language.

Almost everything youtube Videos provide subtitles that users can easily enable on desktop and mobile. By default, subtitles are only in the main language of the video, but users can also use subtitles when the video is in a foreign language. Viewers can enable captions for individual videos or for all videos. They can be added by the creator or automatically generated by Google’s speech recognition system.

Subtitles on YouTube not only help viewers understand the content of the video when they have trouble identifying the accent, but can also help people with hearing impairments. However, since subtitles and translations are automatically generated by YouTube using machine learning algorithms, subtitle quality may vary due to pronunciation errors, accents, dialects or background noise.


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By default, YouTube doesn’t show subtitles for most videos. To enable subtitles, go to the target video and click the “CC” icon at the bottom. This will enable subtitles for this video. To disable it, just click the same icon again. As explained by Google, the process is pretty much the same in the YouTube app, although in this case the “CC” icon is displayed at the top of the video window. Again, like the site, subtitles are turned off by default, but users can tap the “CC” icon once to turn it on, or tap it a second time to turn it off. Viewers can also turn on subtitles in the middle of video playback. To do this, simply hover your mouse over the video on desktop or tap the video on mobile to see the available options.

Enable subtitles for all videos

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The above method only enables subtitles per video, but users can also enable the feature for all videos at once. To do this, log into YouTube on the website in a web browser and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu and “Playback and performance” in the left sidebar on the settings page. Now in the right pane, under the “Subtitles and closed captions” section, check the box next to “Always show subtitles”. Users can also check “Include auto-generated subtitles” option to show subtitles for more videos. In the app, tap the profile icon in the top-right corner, choose Settings, then tap Captions. Finally, turn on the “Show subtitles” switch on the next page.

Subtitles are always in the same language as the video, which means that foreign language users must also enable subtitles to understand the video content. To show subtitles on desktop, first enable subtitles as above and then go to the video settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the video window. Now, in the tiny pop-up window, click on the “Subtitles/CC” option and then choose “Auto-translate”. Now select the subtitle language from the list and youtube will display subtitles in that language once the video is played.

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