‘How could I not know?’


This ingeniously simple dishwasher chop makes washing tall cups and thermoses easier than ever.

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That dishwasher is such a common device that it’s easy to assume you know all the ins and outs. but TikToker have started sharing a dishwasher chop which uses a feature you may not know exists.

In a recent Videobased in Nebraska TikToker and mother Courtney (@motherofgretnadragons) shared a TikTok testing out the life-changing feature chopmaking it easier to wash tall cups, thermos flasks, and other odd-shaped dishes that you may find difficult to fit in the top of your dishwasher.

Courtney first shares the post that inspired her to try this out chop. In this video TikToker Life Hack dad (@lifehackdad) reveals a dishwasher hack he claims “nobody is talking about”. The TikToker opens its dishwasher and slides the top basket forward. The shelf is full of crockery, including a tall metal thermos.

Tinashe calls the shots:

Because that Thermos is so high that the TikToker cannot close the upper rack. Fortunately, he knows how to fix the situation. The TikToker slides the rack all the way out, then squeezes two plastic tabs on the sides of the rack. The dish rack slides down several centimeters, creating more space for the dishes.

Next, Courtney tests the hack to see if it works for her. That mother stares at the camera in shock, then opens her own dishwasher.

“How could I not know that?” she asks in a caption.

Courtney opens her own dishwasher and slides out the top drawer and then locates the plastic tabs on its sides. She squeezes the tabs and watches the drawer lower a few inches, proving that the original TikToker hack really does use a shared dishwasher feature!

TikTok users were shocked by the discovery

“I wouldn’t know anything if I didn’t have TikTok,” commented one viewer.

“I just did it to myself. Thank you!” another grateful TikToker wrote.

“I guess we should have read the manual,” joked another viewer.

Sometimes simple problems have simple solutions!

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