Horrible Histories: Educational comedy perfect for school holidays


Terrible stories

If your household likes an excellent British quiz show QI, the big fat quiz, or 8 out of 10 cats, This is the perfect show to introduce younger members to your addiction while helping them brush up on their general knowledge.

Based on the books by Terry Deary, the series takes a theme or period in history and presents information in a way that engages and holds children’s attention.

Based on the idea that farts are funny to them, other bodily functions are always hilarious, and no question is ever inappropriate for an inquiring mind, the series delves into all sorts of historically significant deaths and the medical and social science behind them.

But it’s not all poo, puke and parps. The series offers wonderfully funny song parodies and brilliantly done homages to current TV, film and social media trends.

Where else would you see Henry VIII perform? sweat (to the melody of daft punks to be lucky) Or the Votes for Women Riff-Off – one Pitch perfect nod that will finally make the difference between suffragists and suffragettes clear to everyone. “Voices would be nice, nice, baby… stop! and sign the petition…”

the social media Mockery is especially important—something adults appreciate, but children won’t be offended by it because it’s the historical figures, not the audience, that they’re making fun of.

A highlight of my New Year’s TV so far.

Horrible Histories isn't just poop, puke, and parps.  The series offers wonderfully funny song parodies and brilliantly done homages to current TV, film and social media trends.


Horrible Histories isn’t just poop, puke, and parps. The series offers wonderfully funny song parodies and brilliantly done homages to current TV, film and social media trends.

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Dirty Dancing is now available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand.

Dirty dancing

It’s not summer without Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray dancing in a lake, and as the film turns 35, TVNZ OnDemand has it through the end of the month.

Based on the childhood of screenwriter Eleanor “Baby” Bergstein and directed by dance expert Emile Ardolino, the film heralded Patrick Swayze as a triple threat who can act, dance and sing. (His song on the soundtrack – She is like the wind – went to #3 on the US Billboard chart.)

Before his role as Johnny, most people didn’t know that Swayze had danced with him the Joffrey Ballet, or on Broadway as Danny in fat. It was also not widely known that Swayze and Jennifer Gray had previously worked together Red Dawn. Something had obviously changed, as the director, writer and producer all agreed that they would be the stars of Dirty dancing because of their incredible chemistry.

It wasn’t just watermelons and sweet cucumbers though, Swayze was often frustrated with how long it took Gray to learn steps, quite unfair considering he was a professional dancer with over 20 years of ballet and she had started dancing to learn for the film.

However, I can’t imagine there ever being a better babe and Johnny than Swayze and Gray (and nothing proves it more than this TV remake, or the sequel Nights in Havana).


Guilt seasons 1 and 2 are now available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand.


Immerse yourself in the wondrous accents of “Edingburgh” in this drama about two Scottish brothers who accidentally kill a man and then make things worse.

Mark Bonnar plays Max, Jamie’s high-flying older brother. As a lawyer, Max looks down on Jamie’s record store. Driving back from a wedding, bloated, the brothers hit one of Jamie’s elderly neighbors and decide that instead of calling the police, they take the man to his house and try to make it appear like he’s peaceful in his chair died.

Oddly enough, it would have worked — if his pesky American niece hadn’t shown up and started asking why her terminally ill uncle had weird bruises on his legs.

Season 1 is an increasingly complicated storyline within a storyline as we discover how sneaky Max is, how trusting Jamie is, and how crooked everyone else is.

Season 2 picks up where they left off with a double storyline involving Max’s reinvention and a woman who shoots an intruder after he kills her husband, leaving her with a huge bag of money. who owns this And what does that have to do with the city’s blackboard?

I really enjoyed that. Mark Bonnar is tastier than shortbread, the writing is somber but unexpectedly funny, and the first season in particular will appeal to music fans over 40.

Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne in Call The Midwife.


Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne in Call The Midwife.

Call the midwife

London’s East End is buzzing with the excitement of Eurovision ’67.

Sandy Dennis with no shoes sings Marionette on a string looks very modern, but that’s not all the midwives and sisters at House Nonnatus struggle with. A community initiative is targeting “problem families” with powerful information about contraception to “keep things manageable,” which doesn’t sit well with midwives. Scabies is rampant, information is accumulating about the aftermath of the Christmas Island experiments, and smoking is being linked to cancer for the first time.

West Indian midwife Lucille Anderson is now Nurse Robinson after marrying mechanic (and part-time pastor) Cyril the Christmas special episode (Bring a tissue!) and lives with her husband above the Buckles’ store. Both dream of their own house, but the color of their skin makes it difficult for them.

Nurse Trixie begins to reconnect with Matthew Aylward, and Nancy Corrigan settles in as a midwife, making plans for a future where she can raise her daughter as her own. The wonderful Miriam Margolyes is also back as mother Mildred drives sister Julienne and sister Monica Joan insane.

With the show being extended to 2024, I have to ask: will Sister Monica Joan make it to the end?


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