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Reduce holiday waste with green gifts

From Ravini Perera

Christmas time is a time when a significant amount of litter is added to the ecosystem. While groceries and decorations are the most obvious (and biggest) sources of pollution during the Christmas season, there is one less obvious contributor; Gifts. While gifts are an integral part of the Christmas cheer and celebrate the time of year, wrapping papers, ribbons, tapes, cards, tags, and many other accessories help enhance the appearance of the gift and add tons of gift to the environment of waste added. In addition, most of these items are not recyclable.

Gift wrapping accessories aren’t the only problem threatening the planet. The gift itself can also have profoundly harmful effects on the environment. Glassware, plastics, new clothes, stationery, and perfumes, among most other gift options, are poisonous to the earth.

As the whole world moves towards sustainable living, many individuals and organizations have developed ideologies and concepts to reduce pollution from the introduction of and Encourage consumers to buy organic and environmentally friendly vacation products. Creator of “Greener Fingers” Inthiqhab Majid is such an individual. In this week, brunch spoke to Majid about his love for the environment, how his passion for gardening took him on a journey to make a difference in his own way, and about the concept of green giving.

Speak with brunch, Majid stated that gardening has always been one of his favorite pastimes. “Greener Fingers was founded at the request of my family and friends. People who saw this hobby of mine and the garden I tended asked for my help and expertise in developing their own garden. Greener Fingers is something I do part time and on a small scale. Since the future is unpredictable, this may one day become big, ”he said.

The really green “green gift idea”

“Christmas time is a time when we exchange tons of gifts. If we complemented this tradition and gave a gift that will continue to grow, it will be a gift to be remembered, “said Majid. Greener gifts were introduced by Majid to reduce plastic purchases and exchanges. Hence, this method of giving focuses on sustainability.

This gift box contains a wide variety of herbs that are used in everyday dishes. He said, “You will be able to add products from your own garden to your daily meals. It’s an amazing feeling when you grow what you eat. I always choose environmentally friendly and organic products for consumption. It’s the same concept that I came up with at Greener Fingers. From the plant to the packaging, 99% of the end product, with the exception of the lining in the box, is made from environmentally friendly, recyclable material. “

These plants were tended using only organic fertilizers and homemade pesticides. This is another factor that makes this gift even more special. However, you cannot expect a harvest overnight. If these plants are well cared for and cared for, the potential harvest would be staggering, according to Majid.

In addition, it is an affordable gift option. Purchasing numerous gifts for family and friends during the holiday season adds to the list of expenses a person wears during the season. However, this herb garden can be presented to a whole family to enjoy for years to come. In addition, a booklet is provided with information on the exact procedure for caring for the plants.

This holiday season gift idea is loved by many and has been a popular gift option since its inception. Majid insisted that this would be a perfect gift for anyone; People who love nature and greenery, those who are passionate about consuming organic food, and even for people who don’t have a garden to grow. This herb box can be placed in any area, including a balcony or apartment.

Plant your own Christmas tree

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect this planet is to plant a tree, and Greener Fingers does just that. They initiated the concept of planting Christmas trees to signal a greener, greener festival. “Every New Year there is a tradition that we all practice in Sri Lanka. That is, planting a tree to indicate a fresh start. So why not do the same practice for Christmas? ”Asked Majid.

Cypress trees offered by Greener Fingers are considered a long-term investment because of their ability to last for decades. Hence, embracing this possibility of planting a cypress would help significantly reduce the annual logging of trees for Christmas decorations. Majid commented, “This is a sustainable option. It is also a pleasure to decorate a tree that you have grown yourself. It will make the holiday celebrations special. “

There is a way to plant a tree. Hence, the progress and maintenance of these plants in their early years depends on numerous factors including the weather, the location where the tree is planted and the attention given to it. If these conditions are met in the first few weeks, they generally require relatively little maintenance and grow easily. These plants can either be planted in their own garden or Greener Fingers will, if requested, take steps to plant these trees in pots to meet customer requirements.

“I’m not going to encourage people to get their hopes up and expect these trees to be six feet tall by the end of the year. Trees grow at their own pace. Rest assured, however, that the fruits of their efforts will be enjoyed in a timely manner, ”said Majid. “Hundreds of trees are felled for Christmas decorations every year. This has contributed to so many problems, including global warming. We have to cut down fewer trees and plant more. Also, teach your children these values. This is a rewarding hobby that anyone can adopt. Spend a few minutes every day with nature and do your part to preserve it. You will automatically fall in love with the beauty and avoid polluting it, ”he added.

“Green” and “sustainability”, two terms that go hand in hand, stand for nature and humanity’s duty to preserve it. So make the decision to plant your own Christmas tree and become a trendsetter. Majid further emphasized that one has to influence others through one’s own example: “Although the majority of the power to initiate environmental protection programs lies with the authorities, we are not completely powerless ourselves. We must take every opportunity to raise issues related to nature. While there is very little we can do, it can still make a huge difference. “

The micro gardening trend

One of the biggest challenges we face today is the lack of space to develop a garden. Hence, this is also one of the most common issues that Majid is made aware of. With these aspects in mind, Greener Fingers is dedicated to promoting micro-gardening concepts. This type of gardening has proven to be the best way to make the dream of growing a wide variety of plants in a limited space come true.

Greener Fingers offers a wide variety of plants and boxes to choose from. The “Chilibox”, an assortment of five types Chili peppers, includes green chilli, curry chilli, nai miris, varaniya chilli, and kochchi. The “three green box” contains gotukola, kankun and spinach. The “vegetable box” and the “herb box” are her best-known products, along with many other options. They also customize boxes to meet customer requirements and as gift options for any special occasion.

“I am also currently experimenting with a few other options that I will introduce via my social media platforms depending on whether they are successfully implemented,” said Majid.

In addition to the wide range of plants, they also offer buyers assistance. Advice, brochures, providing organic fertilizer and recommending YouTube tutorials are the most common methods they offer to their customers who have asked for their help. Customer satisfaction is an important part of their routine. Therefore, if the plant withers within the first week of purchase, it will be replaced with Greener Fingers at a lower price.

“Plants are similar to humans and therefore need to be well cared for. When we change its environment, it suffers “transplant shock” which hinders its ability to develop roots. During these first few weeks we need to pay special attention to the plants. In these matters too, people can turn to us for support. “

Founded in 2020 during the pandemic, Greener Fingers was a lockdown project for Majid. Using his free time during the pandemic, Majid managed to master the art of planting and using organic material to care for plants. Understanding the correct proportions of sunlight, soil, organic pesticides, and compost fertilizer required for good plant growth was one area that caught his attention. “I just learned through trial and error. However, the result has paid off. Even so, the pandemic has brought us back to our roots, ”he said.

Majid plans to continue his passion while encouraging as many people as possible to plant more and end any food shortages. “It is a great achievement and a soulful activity to be involved. Going green is our ultimate goal, ”said Majid, encouraging everyone to try their hand at microhorticulture.

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