Healing the Divide “Concerned Citizen” wants Bill Gates to be investigated under FICA


Singapore – Bill Gates billionaire may very well be the first to be investigated by FICA – the unvaccinated in Singapore are upset by Bill Gates’ comment that the unvaccinated should be “whipped” when he spoke to the Bloomberg forum last week was asked. Some Singaporeans who filed a police report on the remark have organized an online petition.

The Concerned Citizen organized one too Online event last Friday evening (November 19) entitled “Dear Singapore Police, Please Investigate Bill Gates for Potential FICA.”

The organizers quoted the following excerpt The times of the straits on November 18: “In response to (Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief) Mr. Micklethwait that even in Singapore, where the government has done a good job controlling the pandemic, there are still 60,000 people who refused to be vaccinated, Mr Gates quipped that resistance fighters should be beaten: ‘You would have thought they had a whip for these people.’ “

Only identified as “Ikibook Limited” on the Eventbrite website, the group identifies itself as Healing the Divide through their website at the bottom of the page. A video of the event can be viewed at the Landing page of the website.

The group, led by Ms. Iris Koh, is called “intelligent vaxxer“.

However, earlier this month the Ministry of Health called the group to spread COVID. on Falsehoods and misleading information.

The group also submitted a Lawsuit against Singapore Press Holdings, the parent company of the Straits Times for making “false statements of fact” about Covid-19 in an Aug. 7 comment.

A description on the Eventbrite page reads: “The other side of Bill Gates. He is currently in Singapore for the Bloomberg Economic Forum. Find out all of his dirty little secrets. “

The organizer wrote that they had “filed a police report and a CPIB report on Bill Gates about his possible influence on domestic politics as a foreigner”.

They claim that Mr. Gates “owns vaccine patents and several biotech companies, e. Moderna and Pfizer and holds shares in these companies. He has everything to gain when people take his vaccines. “

TISG factually tested these claims and found that, while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns shares in Pfizer, BioNTech, and other pharmaceutical companies, it did so years before the Covid-19 pandemic began.

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A long-time advocate of fighting infectious diseases in the Global South, the Foundation first acquired shares in Pfizer in 2002 with the intention of “Expand access to the pharmaceutical company’s all-in-one injectable contraceptive, Sayana Press, and provide an affordable option for women in developing countries.”

However, the organizer claims that Mr. Gates “influences our politicians, our policies and public opinion by commenting on our internal affairs, how we should govern our country and our people”.

“Please investigate him through FICA and the ministers he influences who bring these vaccines to the public without concern for public health safety,” they added.

The group mentioned the global “security breach lawsuits related to the vaccine” and added that “lawyers, doctors and nurses everywhere are marching against these insane mandates”.

The organizers added that “various police reports on the matter over the past few months” were shared at the event, writing, “I believe our country is currently under threat from foreign players. From Youtube to Big Pharma that keep an eye on our people and our children. “

The event should also include three screenings of the “award-winning documentary Plandemic” and a “Zoom event to educate the public about the police reports that Singaporeans have made about Bill Gates, Pfizer and MOH, etc.”

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Attorney Ravi MRavi represents the group in their lawsuit against SPH. He is also mentioned on the Eventbrite page.

“With the kind assistance of attorney MRavi, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which prohibits genocide or crimes against humanity under the 1957 Geneva Convention Act, was published by Singapore on human rights, to which Singapore has signed and is taking a tour.” TISG

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