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Welcome to Ghostwire: Tokyo Guides hub. You’ve started your journey to the deserted Tokyo district and need some help against the supernatural visitors. If you’re looking for solid tips and tricks for beginners, you’ve come to the right place.

OK, this is going to be difficult.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve played through the prologue of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the game does a decent job of explaining how your spells and combat skills work. But since a good portion of these tips only appear once, here’s a summary.

As you fight visitors, you will gain a collection of elemental spells. Wind is a rapid fire and can be charged to fire multiple homing arrows. Fire hurls explosive fireballs, great for crowd control. Water fires large waves of damage that only really work at close range like a shotgun. Eventually, you’ll even get talismans that you can use to set traps, distract, or even provide temporary cover.

If I had to give some big early tips, these would be them. Always charge up your spell attacks first. They can last longer, but they only cost you one SP (the number of spells you can fire) the same as a normal attack. This is important because your limited SP pool means you need to get the most out of every single attack.

If you somehow run out of SP, you’re not completely helpless either. You also have a shield that you can use to block incoming attacks. There’s even a parry mechanic where you’ll knock back the enemy and deal damage if you block right when you’re about to be hit by an attack. Second, you have a melee attack. The game says you use this attack to destroy distorted objects to get more SP, but this fast attack can also be used on enemies. The damage is pathetic compared to your spells, but better than nothing.

A fully charged arrow that has its back to the spirit
Be very quiet, I hunt ghosts.

This is why stealth is important in the early game. Watch your screen when enemies are nearby. Visibility markers will appear on the screen, starting at yellow and slowly turning red once they’ve spotted you. Crouch, wait, and try to break their line of sight. However, if you can sneak up on these enemies, you can perform a quick purge, which is basically an instant stealth takedown. It costs you nothing and will even reward you with SP.

If you want to lean more into stealth or long range, you’ll also get a bow and some arrows. If you remain undetected and receive a headshot with a fully charged arrow, you will instantly and silently take down an enemy. Remember, if you want to hold more arrows you need to upgrade them through your skill menu instead of getting more SP from Jizo Statues.

Finally, it’s good to invest a little in stealth and arrow upgrades during gameplay. Even if you prefer to be more direct, there are some scripted sequences in the main game where you don’t have access to your magic and can only rely on arcing and stealth takedowns. plan ahead.

A map of Tokyo with a torii gate highlighted
Go to these and clean them ASAP, it’s worth it.

Ghostwire Tokyo – tips and tricks

As for exploring Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Open world structure is relatively simple. The first landmarks to seek out are damaged torii gates. These are usually patrolled by enemies. Take them out and clean the gate. Not only will this clear the area of ​​the deadly fog that covers the city, it will also mark the Torii Gate as a fast travel point.

Additionally, cleaning torii gates will mark your map with areas of interest. There are side missions that reward Magatama. Magatama are used for more advanced skill upgrades, see our skill guide for more info there. There are also lucky boxes. Throw in some money and you’ll be presented with a list of options. Pick one of them and you’ll get a temporary benefit. However, I highly recommend finding more Jizo Statues if you can. Jizo Statues are miniature shrines that can be found throughout the city, and praying to them can increase your SP pool. If you don’t want to be caught completely unarmed, look for it as soon as possible.

But by far the biggest items to invest in can be found at the cat vendors. First, get canned dog food. This is important as you will find a lot of dogs roaming around Tokyo. Get in the habit of hitting the mind-reading button when you’re looking at them and giving them food. At worst, they’ll dig up some money, usually more than what you originally paid for the can of dog food, but at best, they can direct you to interesting locations or hidden useful collectibles.

A character who absorbs lost spirits into a katashiro
This gets boring quickly, so stock up.

The second, more expensive item to invest in is Katashiros. They use katashiros to absorb the spirits of people killed by the supernatural event that rocked the city. You only start at ten and once you’ve filled those up, you can’t pick up any more spirits. You then need to track down a Psyphone in the world and then deposit those spirits, granting you XP and money. Of course, since there are tons of lost ghosts in Tokyo, you don’t want to be running to the phone every twenty minutes, so buy katashiros as soon as possible. They may cost a lot at first, but they are extremely convenient.

As for other things to watch out for in the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo, here are a few more tips. First, pay attention to food. In addition to the various edibles you can buy in stores that will give you slight increases in your maximum help, keep an eye out for spectral foods. These are usually foods that float or are surrounded by a blue aura. Consuming these grants you more health, as well as a persistent buff such as “+10% Spell Damage” or your parry time window is extended. Every little helps, especially when playing on higher difficulties. Second, if you hear a crow caw as you run, look up. Most of the time you can find a tengu flying overhead. If you cling to it, you can climb all the way to the city’s rooftops. You will want to do this as this is where you will find lost ghosts and money. This is great if you need a power level for the next story mission, so it’s a good habit to get into.

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