Furnishing tips: The interior designer reveals how to make a statement in your home


It can be difficult to make a statement at home, especially for those who live in rental apartments where there are sometimes restrictions on renovating and decorating. Making a statement or feature can be even harder when you’re sticking to a tight budget. Interior designer and former Fashion Institute of Technology professor Garry Cohn has shared his simple yet effective trick to creating a “statement” in the home.

Garry has been in the interior design industry for over 30 years where he has worked on luxury hotel, retail and residential projects.

Originally from New York, gary now lives in Dublin, Ireland and was the presenter of the hit TV series Design Doctors.

Garry said one of the keys to making a statement is using things that “look nice”.

However, sometimes buying an “ugly” item can make a bigger statement.

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For those adding furniture to a room that already follows a color palette, take the furniture from different parts of the house that matches and contrasts with the color scheme and place it in the center of the room.

He said: “They came from different rooms, so already you look like you’ve gone out and bought new stuff.

“I’m sure you have all the things in your home to make a beautiful room, scattered in other rooms.”

“It’s about looking at what you have and putting it back together.”


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