From Yohani to Sahdev Dirdo, check out the best viral sensations of the year



2021 was a joy for all internet users as they experienced some of the popular sensations year-round, including Yohani’s Singhalese Song, Pakistani Girl’s Roti Making Video, Sahdev Dirdos Bachpan Ka Pyaar, Khaby’s Associable Funny Videos, Dancing Dadis Video, and many more. Here are some of the top 2021 viral trends that have captured the hearts of fans and taken the internet by storm.

Yearender 2021: The best viral trends of 2021

Sahdev Dirdos Bachpan Ka Pyaar

Sahdev Dirdo’s video singing a local song, Bachpan Ka Pyaar, caught internet users’ attention in no time and went viral on social media. Since it also caught the attention of many celebrities, Bollywood rapper Badshah reached out to him too, worked with him, and published her video together.

Yohani’s Sinhala song

Yohani Diloka de Silva is a popular Sri Lankan singer and songwriter who gained immense love and fame on social media when she released her video of singing a melodious Sinhala song. The video went viral among internet users in a short period of time and now their songs are trending all over the internet.

Roti of a Pakistani girl making video

Aamina Reyaz, a 15-year-old Pakistani girl, sparked the love of internet users for her videos in which she shot Rotis. Her hazel eyes were also what caused the video to go viral on social media.

Daughter mother gucci belt skirmish

Chabi Gupta posted a video clip of her mother’s reaction to her when she revealed she bought a Gucci belt for Rs 35,000. The video of her mother’s hilarious reaction left viewers divided.

Dananeer Mobeen’s ‘Pawri Hori Hai’ video

Sensational Pakistani content developer Dananeer Mobeen’s video caught the attention of internet users where she made a video in which she said:yeh hum hai, yeh humari auto hai aur your humari pawri hori hai ‘ with an accent.

Khaby’s relevant videos

Khaby Lame is one of the top sensations in the world for his quirky but relatable funny videos in which he makes fun of life hacks videos and at the same time comes up with better solutions for them.

Dancing dadi

Ravi Bala Sharma aka Dancing Dadi took the internet by storm with her smart dance style and became a big hit with internet users with her performance on the trend song “Chaka Chak”.

Image: Instagram / @ badboyshah / @ yohanimusic

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