From Windows to Carpets, Cleaning Hacks You Must Know This Winter


Cleaning your property keeps germs, mud and dust at bay during the cold season and makes your home look even more inviting after a long day. While many of us snuggle up in the warmth of our beds, sofas, and blankets after the winter weather, lurking bacteria can be easily overlooked – but these top tips for thorough cleaning will ensure that you don’t miss any spots and germs in your tackle At home.

Wash blankets and pillows

We all love the feeling of crisp sheets when we bury ourselves in the thick winter duvet, but neglecting to do your weekly laundry can create hidden dirt in your bed.

If you wash your sheets more often in winter, bed bugs, dust mites and pesky germs won’t hold back – and you can enjoy fresh sheets every week.

Don’t forget the cozy blankets folded on your sofa – especially if you have pets.

Wash home textiles every two weeks on a 40 to 60 degree cycle to keep pet grime, fur, and those late night cookie crumbs away.

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Wash curtains

Curtains keep drafts out while taking in the bulk of the fresh air lashing through open windows.

Accumulated pollen, traffic fumes, and dust can cling to your curtains, so wash them twice a year and hang them while still wet to air dry them and avoid wrinkles.

Dust blinds with a damp cloth or use socks soaked in fabric softener and place over the end of tongs to collect horizontal layers of dust.


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