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Shlok Shrivastava’s YouTube channel has over 7.5 million subscribers
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Shlok Shrivastava, 26
Digital Content Creators

ONEAs a teenager, Shlok Shrivastava would fiddle with his father’s laptop to make videos. After about 100 tries, he realized that maybe he wasn’t good at it. But as the content creator and content entrepreneur puts it now, he had intentions to make it work and kept going. Now he is one of the most influential tech reviewers with a subscriber base of more than 7.5 million for his YouTube channel Tech Burner.

The launch of Tech Burner was not a planned move for Shrivastava. He started out by making in-depth tech-centric videos to simplify mobile software concepts for his friends at SRM University in Chennai. The practice helped him see that there was value in the simplicity of video. Then he set about improving his presentation skills. Seven years later, the tech influencer creates “How To” tutorials on gadgets, product reviews and life hacks and has more than 50 million viewers each month.

His motto and his vision? “We want to make technology easy, fun and enjoyable. One downside of technology is that it can’t reach ordinary people and they can’t understand the nuances. So we try to find ways to reach every part of society and make complex technologies available to them.”

These videos are created by Shrivastava’s company Burner Media. Besides creating content for social media platforms, it manages a few websites and five apps that have over 2 lakh downloads.

Gaurav Khatri, co-founder and CEO of consumer electronics brand Noise, vouches for Shrivastava’s videos: “With his inimitable humor and passion, Shlok has made tech reviews easily consumable for Indians, thereby making them more accessible and widespread. He really is a force to be reckoned with.”

“We will build the largest content distribution network in the world. We will scale our content creation from the base,” says Shrivastava. “We’re going to go regionally into every town, village and village and offer as much value as we can.”

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(This story appears in the 11 February 2022 issue of Forbes India. To visit our archive, click here.)


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