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Yoga is a discipline that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It was first mentioned in the Rig-Veda and derives from the Sanskrit root word ‘Yay‘, meaning ‘to unite’ or ‘subjugate’ or ‘unite’. Therefore, yoga is a practice to bring body and mind into spiritual harmony.

The original practitioners of yoga, called yogis or sages, took their knowledge of the discipline to different parts of the world including Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and South America and it became immensely popular among scholars in those regions. Gradually, his many postures (asanass) aimed at promoting strength, calmness, endurance and flexibility, and breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques reached the common man and led to his reputation around the world.

Nowadays, yoga has become a huge trend, so much so that free yoga lessons on YouTube are a top choice for new learners. But there’s something that sets some of these accounts apart from many other yoga classes on the social media space.

These free online yoga videos are created by well-known practitioners who chose the discipline to overcome their mental and physical issues such as low self-esteem, stress, anxiety and weight loss. These real-life incidents have inspired people who are looking for new ways to embrace self-love and happier lives. Additionally, these self-paced yoga tutorials fit perfectly into an evolving hybrid work culture as they can be practiced at home anytime.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, these YouTube channels have something for all types of learners and teachers. However, before beginning any form of exercise, consult a professional trainer or doctor as every body type is different and all types of exercise may not be right for everyone.

Here are 11 YouTube accounts to follow for free yoga classes

Boho beautiful yoga

Image: Courtesy of Boho Beautiful Yoga/Facebook

Founded by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk, Boho Beautiful Yoga offers free tutorials on yoga, travel, fitness, vegan nutrition, self-discovery and conscious living. The duo has garnered over 2.36 million subscribers on YouTube through their content about body, mind and earth.

Recorded in scenic locations around the world, the video library on YouTube caters to all types of learners, featuring beginner yoga, advanced yoga, yin yoga, yoga workouts, hatha Yoga, Ashtanga-inspired poses, morning yoga flow and much more.

The Spicoluks have also sold thousands of books and programs online, creating an ever-growing community for health and mindfulness.

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Cinema Yoga

Cinema Yoga
Image: Courtesy of Kino MacGregor

Born in Miami, USA, Kino MacGregor is a Ashtanga Yoga expert who creates video tutorials on different yoga styles, workouts and spirituality for her viewers.

As one of the most in-demand yoga teachers on the streaming channel, she has garnered over 778,000 subscribers on YouTube through free lessons that can help beginners develop their skills. Her videos also feature several “yoga challenges” that motivate her to master the discipline. While some of her meditation videos are shot on scenic beaches, she typically films her yoga tutorials in her studio or at her home.

She created the world’s first yoga TV channel, Omstars, and is the author of numerous books. She is co-founder of the Miami Life Center.

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Yoga with Tim

free yoga lessons_yoga with Tim
Image: Courtesy Yoga with Tim

After suffering from health issues and low self-esteem as a teenager, Tim turned his life around with the help of yoga. Not only that, he made better choices for a healthier lifestyle. This included changing his eating habits and choosing who to hang out with. Eventually he became a yoga practitioner and began teaching in a studio.

Specialized in the Vinyasa Flow, Tim’s YouTube channel has over 252,000 subscribers and offers a variety of postures, body stretching techniques, and methods to relieve stress and anxiety. Like the other yoga practitioners in this article, Tim offers free videos to challenge both beginner and advanced yogis.

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Koya Webb

The eponymous YouTube channel of Koya Webb, an international health and wellness coach, bestselling author and inspirational speaker, has over 45.6K subscribers. After dealing with negative self-talk and “feeling like a victim of circumstance,” according to her website, Webb discovered compassion for herself without expecting perfection.

She then settled on yoga, which “relieved the pain in my body while adding strength and flexibility. I’ve developed a daily spiritual practice to keep myself emotionally balanced during challenging times,” she says.

Today, The Transformation Specialist’s YouTube channel features videos on food and expert advice on how to achieve optimal health and pursue a positive lifestyle, along with extensive yoga classes and seven-day challenges for beginners and advanced practitioners.

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Yoga with Briohny

free yoga classes_Briohny
Image: Courtesy Yoga with Briohny

Suffering from two eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, Briohny Smyth traveled to India where she studied Ashtanga Yoga. She then went to the US to train under gurus Annie Carpenter, Kia Miller, Joan Hyman and Bahni Turpin and the rest is history.

Today, the Thai yoga teacher’s YouTube account is more than just a platform with free tutorials on various poses. Focused on meditation, physical therapy, HIIT yoga sessions, and various tips and techniques to perfect a pose, she has garnered more than 58,8,000 subscribers who take free online lessons and stay aligned in their passion, work, and can discover for yourself.

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Yoga with Cassandra

Yoga with Cassandra
Image: Yoga courtesy of Kassandra/Facebook

Canadian yogi’s YouTube channel offers free yoga classes on Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. What started as online yoga classes in 2014 has now amassed over 700 videos and garnered over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Viewers can learn different movements, poses, and stretches that focus on different parts of the body. through her hatha Yoga videos can work for learners of all experience levels to strengthen their core and develop flexibility and strength.

Additionally, free 7-day and 30-day challenges are a treat for beginners and advanced players alike. what’s more Her techniques can be useful for yin yoga teachers, who can incorporate the methods into their own to enhance slow tempo practice asanasS

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Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene
Image: Courtesy Yoga with Adriene/Facebook

The Austin-based celebrity yogi offers classes for people of all ages, shapes and sizes from around the world. While her high-quality, free yoga videos are suitable for all experience levels, Adriene Mishler’s calming and down-to-earth personality has helped her build a loyal following of over 10.9 million YouTube subscribers.

Aimed at all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the famous yoga guru’s videos also include styles for runners, weight loss, back pain relief, and stress and anxiety relief.

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Aham Yoga

free yoga classes_aham
Image: Courtesy of Aham Yoga/Facebook

According to her website, Arundhati Baitmangalkar’s style is based on classical yoga practices and she specializes in prenatal and restorative forms. Through her teaching, she seeks to educate her students to incorporate yoga as a discipline into their lifestyle, rather than striving for a “yoga body.”

Before you become an experienced practitioner of Vinyasa and hatha Yoga, Baitmangalkar was a professional Bollywood dance teacher. However, her love for this discipline led her to teach yoga starting in 2006.

In many years of practice she has found the perfect balance between classical and modern yoga and is known for challenging, dynamic and fun yoga classes, trainings and workshops.

Baitmangalkar has more than 14.4k YouTube subscribers and her channel is one of the best online platforms to learn yoga. Except the many asanass one can learn through her free yoga classes, she also covers various topics on lifestyle, meditation, yoga classes, breathing techniques, DIY routines and more.

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Body positive yoga

body positive
Image: Courtesy of Amber Karnes/Facebook

Body Positive Yoga is all about “accessible, adaptive yoga practice for people with bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities,” as their website states. Therefore, it is perfect for those struggling with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and feelings of not being enough.

Having gone through her own body image struggles, Karnes draws on her own experiences to offer various tips, tricks, modifications, and yoga styles that can help people make peace with their bodies and build confidence.

Her YouTube channel has over 26.4k subscribers, and she offers free yoga classes where learners “can make yoga work for your unique body instead of trying to squeeze into a pose,” she says.

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Rebel Yoga Tribe

free yoga classes_Rebel YogaTribe
Image: Courtesy of Rebel Yoga Tribe

Learn and practice the many yoga postures with this South Asian yoga teacher who specializes in various yoga styles including Yin, hathaclassic Kundalini, tantra and Nidra.

According to her website, British-born Kallie Schut is of Indian descent and honors the traditions of yoga, “bringing cultural awareness to the practice and developing an understanding of colonial heritage and racial injustice in modern yoga.”

The yoga practitioner is known for her free tutorials for beginners, teachers and advanced users on YouTube and Instagram. On the streaming channel, her account has garnered over 2,06,000 subscribers through the many forms of yoga, as well as sound healing, gong therapy, meditation and mindfulness.

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Litayogi woranite

Lita Woranit, fitness model and yoga teacher, started practicing yoga in 2009. She dominates the middle of the body hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation. Despite having around 589 subscribers on YouTube, the Thai yogi has amassed over 16.5k followers on Instagram.

While her videos on the streaming platform include various yoga poses, stretching exercises and methods against office syndrome, her Instagram account includes posts on her training workshops and healthy eating in addition to some yoga positions.

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Hero and featured images: Courtesy of Boho Beautiful Yoga/Facebook


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