Ex-chef warns about the dangerous cooking tricks you need to stop using


WITH almost 700 million active users, TikTok has become home to many hack videos – from beauty to cleaning, there seems to be a solution for almost everything.

But while some of these are harmless, one ex-chef has issued a warning, urging users to be cautious when encountering sly videos.


He explained that this could set your hob on firePhoto credit: Tiktok

“This is all wrong and fundamentally dangerous,” he claimed Peterwhose TikTok reaction videos have attracted over 400,000 followers.

“Has anyone seriously thought critically about it for ONE second,” wondered the ex-chef from California.

Some of these viral hacks were created by social media megastar Isabella Avila, whose account has 17 million followers.


Although her hacks have taken the internet by storm, Pete felt they were very risky.

One of the most dangerous, according to him, was turning the pan and not the food that was being cooked.

“If you do this with your pan, all of the oil will hit your burners and catch fire,” he explained.

Another hack he considered dangerous involved a can opener.

In Isabelle’s video, which has 5.7 million likes, she suggested swapping the traditional method of placing it sideways for laying it flat.

“Why do so many people have trouble opening a can?”

This tip, the ex-chef said, will only dull the blade and eventually break it.

“All you have to do is leave this little piece here, tip it up.

“This is super easy to remove,” Pete continued to demonstrate.

Isabelle also recently went viral with another cooking trick — placing a wooden spoon on boiling water to prevent it from overflowing.

“This works because the wood is hydrophobic, meaning it can’t absorb the water and instead just pierces the surface tension of the bubbles,” she said.

Although Pete admits that this is not in itself dangerous, there is another way to prevent the water from overflowing.

“All you really have to do is just take your pot of water and turn the heat down a bit.”

“Jayus likes to spread misinformation, that’s her whole part,” one person described Isabelle.

“I knew most of these ‘cooking tricks’ are dangerous because I have life experience 🙄,” agreed another.

However, there were also some who tried the hacks and gave a positive review, like this person: “By the way, the way the girl opens the can has the cleaner edge and is much easier to use.. Try it before you argue about it!”

“I mean, I guess the thing about the pan is when you’re heating something like a tortilla or something that’s not for frying,” added another user.

“You can’t stop me from using a wooden spoon,” read another comment.

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Pete thinks the TikTok star likes to spread misinformation


Pete thinks the TikTok star likes to spread misinformationPhoto credit: Tiktok
Although he claimed that doing so would dull the blades, some viewers insisted that this was the only way to use the can opener


Although he claimed that doing so would dull the blades, some viewers insisted that this was the only way to use the can openerPhoto credit: Tiktok
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