Everything you need to know about arugula


It used to be believed that the lively taste of rocket had certain vitality-enhancing properties. In both ancient Rome and Egypt, the strong taste of “rocket” was considered an aphrodisiac. The evidence for this effect has never been scientifically proven, but much more information about the health benefits of arugula has been uncovered since ancient times.

In addition to the isothiocyanate compounds already mentioned, rocket leaves contain a high proportion of glucosinolates. Medical news today reports on research that has found a link between glucosinolates and the body’s ability to stop the cancer-causing enzyme HDAC.

Not only can a diet high in arugula potentially fight cancer, but it can also help improve blood health, fight off osteoporosis, and improve your overall diet. Health line writes that arugula is loaded with vitamins A, B, C and K, as well as potassium and calcium. Together, these nutrients provide antioxidant properties and help the body absorb iron, electrolytes, and folic acid. Consuming the minerals in arugula can help improve the functions of the blood, kidneys, liver, heart, eyes, and nervous system. Aside from all the things you can’t see, nutritionists are with LiveStrong Add arugula as a low-calorie food that helps with weight management.


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