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Mayor Lewis’s missing shorts might seem like a simple side quest, but Stardew Valley actually hides many different uses for the unique quest item.

Agriculture simulator Stardew Valley has a lot of content and secrets for players to discover without considering the game’s active modding community. While adding some secrets Stardew Valley‘s lore, others are humorous in nature. One such secret that some players may have overlooked concerns the many uses for Mayor Lewis’ lucky purple shorts.

In the third week of summer, players receive a letter from Mayor Lewis asking them to track down his missing purple shorts. He will also ask that they be returned to him discreetly to indicate that there is a little more going on. The purple shorts can be found in Marnie’s house, indicating some sort of relationship between her and Lewis. While players can easily hand the shorts directly to the mayor, there are a few other surprising uses that players might overlook.

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Return the shorts to Mayor Lewis

Mayor Lewis of Stardew Valley

Those who have a bit of sympathy for the mayor can choose to simply return their shorts to him. You can do this at any time and earn 750 gold and an amity point with Mayor Lewis. While this is certainly a nice touch, there’s a real reason some of the secret uses for the shorts are actually better choices for this side quest. That being said, there’s actually an Easter egg that requires the shorts to be returned to the mayor when in a certain location.

Waiting to return the shorts when Mayor Lewis visits Ginger Island will unlock a unique beachwear set for the mayor, while players will also receive the usual reward. For 28 days, players can see the mayor in his purple shorts on the beach. While it’s a pretty basic Easter egg, it’s the only purple shorts-related secret that still allows players to get the quest-related friendship points and gold. While giving back is a nice touch, there are a few additional options for more mischievous players.

Show off the shorts during the Stardew Valley Fair

The Stardew Valley Fair in Stardew Valley.

Those who want to literally air out the mayor’s dirty laundry in public can do so by displaying the shorts in their grange during the Stardew Valley Fair. The fair is held every autumn and one of the most important events during the fair is a showcase that allows the town’s farmers to display their crops. Players can display craft goods, grain, fish, cooked meals, and many more different types of items.

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The decision to place the mayor’s purple shorts anywhere in the manor will result in a unique reaction from Mayor Lewis, who will understandably be upset at the player’s prank. You will be disqualified from the display case, but will also receive 750 Star Tokens for removing the shorts from the display. This is the second highest number of Star Tokens available in the showcase, making it a viable option when players have nothing else to display.

Add the shorts to the Stardew Valley potluck

The Stardew Valley Luau Festival.

The annual luau festival offers another creative use for the mayor’s purple shorts. During the luau, Pelican Town residents may add an edible and uncooked ingredient to the community soup pot. The added item affects the taste of the soup, with higher quality ingredients bringing more friendship points with the villagers. The main exception to the edible and uncooked rule is the mayor’s shorts.

Players should note that this will negate any other ingredients added to the pot, including those added by other players in a multiplayer game. While players won’t gain or lose Friendship Points from the addition of the purple shorts, they will evoke a unique reaction from Mayor Lewis and the Governor. The latter will notice that the soup has a “spicy” flavor before realizing that there is a pair of shorts floating in his bowl.

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Wear the shorts yourself

Mayor Lewis' Lucky Purple Shorts from Stardew Valley.

The final use for the Mayor’s purple shorts is to trim them for the player to wear. By combining the shorts with a gold bar on a sewing machine, players can create a version of the shorts that they can wear themselves. They offer no unique bonuses, although they are described as lucky, although wearing them elicits some unique reactions from Mayor Lewis and Marnie.

When Lewis sees the player wearing his shorts, he jumps up in surprise before getting annoyed. Marnie, on the other hand, will be a bit more receptive to the player’s fashion choice through giggles. Other than that, there’s no new dialogue or unique rewards. The shorts can still be used for any of the previously mentioned secrets, or simply returned to Mayor Lewis for the usual 750 gold reward.

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