Eva Mendes Talks New Skura-Style Sponge Shop, Her Best Cleaning Hacks & Life in London (Exclusive Interview)


Eva Mendes was very busy during her break from acting and is now co-owner of the new sponge business Skura style!

Skura sponges have been dubbed the “smartest sponges ever” because they tell you when they’re ready to be thrown away and ensure you have clean sponges that never smell.

We’ve caught up Eve to learn more about her new role as an investor at Skura, what it was like working from home during the pandemic, and her best cleaning tricks passed down from her mom.

Eve also shared what she has been up to in London for the past few months while she was in town with her family. your partner Ryan Gosling shot them Barbie movie there!

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You can read our exclusive interview below!

Just Jared: What sets Skura apart from other sponges on the market and what excites you about this product?

Eva Mendes: What sets Skura Style sponges apart is that there is nothing quite like it on the market. Your average kitchen sponge is dirtier than your toilet! Our sponge has a revolutionary design that tells you when it’s time for a replacement.

JJ: How did you hear about Skura and what led to your new role as co-owner and ambassador?

EM: During the pandemic, I’ve obsessively cleaned everything from produce to countertops. I realize now that I was a bit flamboyant, but the upside was that I went through a lot of sponges and finally found Skura.

I loved that my skura sponge never smelled and never stuck to yesterday’s food. I loved that it was a “smart sponge” and would tell me when it was time to throw it away. I loved that it was a sponge that thought for me!

JJ: You’ve taken on an important new role during the pandemic. Did you, like many others, work from home during this time? And if so, how did it balance work and family?

EM: I started working with Skura during the pandemic and it was definitely a modern collaboration. We only worked via Zoom until I finally met my partners in May after working together for almost 2 years! Working from home is challenging in its own way. My kids don’t understand – or don’t care – when I’m in a zoom. I’m trying to implement a rule that they can’t come in if my door is closed unless it’s very important. But of course that doesn’t happen.

So my new rule is don’t come in while I’m on a zoom unless there’s blood! (joking, but somehow not!)

JJ: Do you have any great cleaning tricks to share?

EM: I got so many cleaning tricks from my mother. But the most important thing is to always have white vinegar and baking soda. For literally almost everything! I never waste a lemon either! I use my lemon to clean steel pots, cheese graters and to clean my stainless steel sink. When I’m done, I throw it in my garbage can. It cleans it and makes it smell so good.

JJ: In addition to sponges, Skura has already launched a number of other products. Where do you see the company from here?

EM: Of course I have a vision of where I want this company to be. But I keep these things to myself and my partners. Once I start speaking publicly about where I want to take things, it dilutes its power. I’m incredibly proud to be a partner in this innovative, women-led company.

JJ: You recently posted something on Instagram about seeing The Lion King in London. What are some of the other fun things you did with your family while living there?

EM: We’ve been in London for a few months. Since it was raining really badly I took advantage of the great culture here and we went to a lot of shows in the west end. I’ve also taken the kids to youth productions at the Unicorn Theatre.

But my highlight was definitely going to a Royal Ballet performance with the family Swan Lake in the Royal Opera House. It was a night I will never forget. It was pure magic. I cried like a baby. But like a whole baby. You know, I had to do the soft scream. After all, I was at the Ballet Dahling…

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