Edmonton man dresses up in drag to keep the online audience entertained while playing video games


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Dressing up in drag while live streaming himself playing video games has gotten an Edmonton man a lot of attention online.


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Hand-sewn costumes and styled wigs in rainbow colors line the walls of DadDoesDrags Studio, where he spends hours perfecting his costumes and make-up to appear on Facebook.

“It’s like all of these different disciplines come together,” says DadDoesDrag. “You have to learn all the technical aspects and then, like things in front of the camera and the lighting, all those things you do yourself become one big thing.”

Postmedia only refers to the player by his code name out of concern for the safety of his family. Players usually play online using only aliases.

DadDoesDrag started streaming on Twitch in 2019 to keep its audience entertained in an easy and inexpensive way.

“I can just sit in front of my computer and do any kind of weird show I want to do without any restrictions or barriers to entry. You don’t need millions of dollars to stream live. “


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At first he didn’t do cosplay. In order to gain more followers, he told his viewers that if he had 1,000 subscribers, he would dress up as a gothic girl for a stream.

“It happened and when I did it I was super nervous and everyone but everyone loved it,” he laughs. “And from then on it started to snow. Where cosplay became a main part of my stream. “

His audience on Twitch grew to over 30,000 followers, and in July, DadDoesDrag was approached by Facebook and asked to start streaming for them. While livestreamers make around $ 5 per subscriber, Facebook offered him a monthly salary to offset the potential loss of followers he would see if he switched platforms.

“It literally feels like I invented a job and somehow got a salary for it,” he says. “It feels pretty good to know that I can take care of my family and keep everyone safe.”


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Since the beginning of his Facebook streams in early September, he has gained over 900 followers.

DadDoesDrag’s favorite game is Grand Theft Auto 5 on a livestream RPG server. His most successful character is “Kraytor”, who hails from the wasteland and dresses like a character from Mad Max: Fury Road. Kraytor is known to cause problems for other characters on the server.

“I made this character as some kind of really funny joke that eventually caught on,” he says. “I play it almost four days a week.”

Each costume takes between five and ten hours to make. He sews the costumes and styles the wigs himself. It takes about three hours before each stream to carefully apply his makeup. He started off with YouTube tutorials to learn how to use it, but finds trial and error works best.

“You just have to like to look in a mirror or turn on the webcam and then just play around with it until you see something that looks right.”

DadDoesDrag streams Tuesday to Friday from around 11 p.m. MST at https://www.facebook.com/DadDoesDrag/.



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