EastEnders villain Gray Atkins’ seven worst moments that got viewers’ blood boiling


VIEWERS might love to hate him, but after nearly three years at Walford, Gray Atkins will FINALLY get what he deserves.

Here are the worst things the EastEnders villain – played by Toby-Alexander Smith – has ever done aside from killing his first wife Chantelle and Tina Carter.


Gray has become one of EastEnder’s most gruesome villainsPhoto credit: BBC
Lawyer set to receive compensation in upcoming EastEnders scenes


Lawyer set to receive compensation in upcoming EastEnders scenes

1. Attempting to murder his own children

Gray’s attempted murder of his children Mia and Mackenzie (portrayed by Mahalia Malcolm and Isaac Lemonius) has to be at the top of this list.

Wracked with guilt after killing his wife Chantelle in a fit of anger and the pressures of being a single parent weighing heavily on him, Gray planned to take his own life on October 15, 2020.

But instead of leaving his children in the care of loved ones, the lawyer decided that both Mia and Mackenzie would follow in his footsteps.

Viewers saw Gray turn on the gas at No. 1 Albert Square to set his house on fire with his lighter.

That would have meant Mia and Mackenzie had to endure a painful and agonizing death.

Luckily, the siblings were rescued by Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), who convinced Gray not to attempt his suicide.

However, the tables will turn when she tries to find out the truth about her sister Tina’s death.

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Whitney could have been killed by Gray


Whitney could have been killed by GrayPhoto credit: BBC

2. Attempting to murder Whitney

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) has been doing everything he can to expose Gray for the past few weeks.

But when Gray’s second wife, Chelsea, came to her to tell her she was pregnant and had no intention of keeping the baby, Whitney knew she had to help.

In October 2021, Whitney agreed to accompany Chelsea to the hospital for an abortion appointment.

However, Chelsea found she was further than expected and did not go through with the procedure.

Gray found out and was willing to stab Whitney to death for taking Chelsea to the hospital to abort his baby.

He wasn’t convinced to let things go until Whitney stood up to him.

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Chantelle met a devastating fate in September 2020


Chantelle met a devastating fate in September 2020Photo credit: BBC

3. Abuse of Chantelle and Chelsea

That goes without saying and Gray’s acts of domestic violence have left EastEnders viewers horrified.

During the summer of 2019, and shortly after moving to Walford with Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) and their two children, Gray was physically assaulted on numerous occasions.

Aware that bruises would be easy to see on her face, Gray would punch Chantelle’s stomach, but she would still have imprints on her arms.

These were later seen by Sister Lennon trying to help Chantelle.

As if physical abuse wasn’t enough, Gray also constantly verbally abused Chantelle.

He would constantly put her down and would be jealous of her stable and loving relationship with her family, particularly her close bond with her father, Mitch (Roger Griffiths).

Viewers also recall that Chantelle had to leave a hairdressing contest after Gray pestered her with abusive messages and ordered her to return home to have dinner with him.

The stress from the abuse she suffered led to Chantelle miscarrying in October 2019.

Afraid that she might be hit by Gray again, she didn’t want to admit she’d lost her baby until it escaped her mother Karen during a conversation.

In another shocking scene, Gray dragged Chantelle into her bedroom to have intercourse without her consent in hopes of having another baby after the tragic miscarriage.

Eventually, Chantelle took a stand and decided to run away with Mia and Mackenzie…a decision that unfortunately cost her her life.

Chelsea was also physically assaulted by Gray, particularly after she refused to breastfeed their son, Jordan.

She felt drained and drained by Gray’s controlling behavior as she tried to get out of her marriage to him.

Chelsea was able to dodge a bullet for the first time when she noticed Grey’s uncontrollable anger.

But the pair reignited their relationship when they found out they were meant to be parents.

It was implied that Gray murdered his own mother


It was implied that Gray murdered his own motherCredit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

4. Kill his mother?

As Chantelle tries to figure out an explanation for his angry and violent outbursts, she urges Gray to seek therapy.

During a joint counseling session in December 2019, Gray admits to taking his anger out on Chantelle and opens up about his past.

He revealed that his father was a violent and abusive man who treated him and his mother badly.

However, viewers were surprised to find a meek man on his deathbed when Gray’s father asked to see him before he died in September 2021.

Then big hints were dropped that Gray had killed his own mother when his father mentioned that he had been aware of his abusive behavior since childhood.

“We should have held you accountable,” he said regretfully to Gray.

“I was tormented by what might have become of you if you’d swept everything under the rug. You still have your anger issues, don’t you?”

Instead of confessing to his heinous crimes, Gray downplayed what his father said, manipulating and threatening him.

Leaving his father alone, Gray urged him to die: “I hope you find peace and I hope it comes quickly.”

Kush passed away in April 2021


Kush passed away in April 2021Photo credit: BBC

5. Killing Kush

While viewers remember very well that Gray murdered both Tina and Chantelle — and possibly killed his mother — some may have forgotten that he took another life during his time on the court.

The subway terror hit Walford in April 2021 when Kush Kazemi (played by Holby City star Davood Ghadami) died after falling in front of an oncoming train.

However, fans know that Kush’s death was murder as the late market trader was pushed in front of the train by Gray.

The death followed a violent struggle as Kush attempted to flee the district to go to Dubai alongside Whitney and his son Arthur.

Gray almost died during the fight but was saved by his opponent… he found the perfect opportunity to knock him off the platform.

But why did Gray try so hard again?

Whitney and Kush were in love


Whitney and Kush were in loveCredit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

6. Sabotage Whitney’s relationship

After Chantelle’s death, Gray developed romantic feelings for his former client Whitney, despite telling her several months earlier that nothing would ever happen between them.

The latter helped him take care of his children after the death of her friend, but left him angry when she fell in love with Kush.

In January 2021, Gray tried to invite her over to his home for dinner with him and the kids, but Whitney declined, telling him she was on a date.

Seeing that she wasn’t dressed to go out later, Gray insisted on having dinner with her, to which Whitney eventually accepted.

Gray then asked her to move in with him, but she refused, telling him she was still grieving for Chantelle.

He became even more angry when he learned that Kush and Whitney were spending a romantic weekend together in March 2021, and repeatedly stirred the pot to break them up.

Eventually, Whitney realized that Gray didn’t have her best interests at heart, especially after killing Kush.

She accused him of murdering the market trader but kept her anger under wraps.

Shirley has been desperate to find her sister, Tina, believing one of Gray's lies


Shirley has been desperate to find her sister, Tina, believing one of Gray’s liesPhoto credit: BBC

7. Lying to Shirley

In perhaps a very twisted and sick move, Gray decided to lie to Shirley Carter about her sister, Tina.

Gray strangled Tina to death in December 2020 after she realized he had killed his first bride, Chantelle, months earlier.

Not wanting to reveal his dirty secrets, he disposed of Tina’s body at the Argee Bhajee.

Later, as she desperately searched for her missing sister, Gray told Shirley he saw her alive and well on a bus, even though he knew she was in fact dead.

This gave Shirley false hope of finding Tina again.

But Gray burst her bubble in December 2021 after admitting he might have mistaken someone else for Tina — and lying again.

However, the truth will emerge for Walford and Gray will gradually lose whatever allies he once had in the district, with Shirley Carter first in line to seek revenge.

What will Gray’s downfall look like?

Tune in to BBC One to find out.


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