Dragging and dropping Google Chrome 99 URLs to the bookmarks bar does not work


Google Chrome 99 was released earlier this month as the latest update to Google’s web browser. However, since the update, many users are having problems with the bookmark system.

According to several reports, the URL drag and drop in bookmarks feature does not work properly as it causes erratic behavior in Google Chrome 99 (1, 2, 3).

Google Chrome 99 Drag and drop of URLs to bookmarks does not work

At present, when many Google Chrome 99 users try to use the drag and drop URL to bookmark feature, they encounter various issues that do not allow them to complete the operation.

First, the action can simply result in the URL not being saved in the browser’s bookmarks folder.


In other cases, the action even causes Google Chrome to freeze. Also, the issue seems to occur randomly between different computers using the same browser version.

Drag and drop bookmarks in Chrome causes Chrome to freeze

I haven’t been able to drag-drop URLs into it for two days. My bookmark folders. I’ve been doing this for years and somehow it doesn’t work anymore. I have two computers and only have the problem on my Mac Mini. It works fine on my MacBook Pro with the same MacOS 12.2.1 and Chrome 99.0.4844.51.

It is now possible for some users to drag and drop URLs into bookmarks, but only in main folders (not subfolders).

Bookmark cannot add a new item to the second level folder.

1. I have bookmarked thousands of articles.
2. I encountered a problem when using bookmarks in these two days to add new bookmarks to the second level folder.
3. When I add a new bookmark to the first level, it’s fine, but when I add it to the second level folder, the new item is not saved and the screen freezes in this state for seconds.

Finally, in some cases, users are unable to save bookmarks even if they do it manually (not by dragging and dropping the URL in the folder).

Bookmarks are not saved

Hello! I just noticed that my bookmarks aren’t being saved – I have no idea how long it’s been like this, but last week I saved a couple of YouTube tutorials and then found that they weren’t saving. I tried to save them again and the blue star shows up, but they don’t show up in my bookmarks bar. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

Possible workarounds

However, there are some possible workarounds that claim to help solve the problem. First, you can try resetting the Google Chrome flags:


If that doesn’t work, you can try downgrading to an older version of the browser:


You can download the Google Chrome recommended version from this link.

The fix will come with the next stable update

A Google product expert confirmed that the Google Chrome team was already aware of the issue. Also, the fix for it might even be ready to be applied in the next stable update.

The engineering team has already fixed the issue, but the stable version has not yet been released. An upcoming update (soon) will fix the issue on the stable channel.

We will update this story as new details emerge on this matter in the future.

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