Does the TikTok Blush Trick Actually Make Your Eyes Look Younger? We’re examining


One of the best things about TikTok is that you can literally find all kinds of content on the app. They have basic life hacks, dance challenges, product reviews, easy recipes and more. If you love everything beautiful and are looking for makeup tutorials or hairstyle inspiration for your next look, TikTok has videos about it too. And recently we stumbled upon a makeup trend that went viral on our #fyp.

Disclaimer: There is actually no official name for this trend. For now, we’ll just call it the “rouge trick.” And if you watch the original video by TikTok user @paintedbyspencer, you’ll see that you need to blend your blush under your eyes instead of just applying it to your cheekbones. Some content creators revealed that they start by applying blush to the center of their lower eye and then move on to applying concealer to the same spot. After mixing, the final step is dabbing with setting powder.

Since it aims to tighten your face and make your eyes look younger, we asked the experts what they really think about this makeup hack. Is it actually effective? More importantly, could it have the same results on mature skin? Read on for helpful insights from professional makeup artists Lynne Simpson, Margina Dennis, Natasha Moorand Mandy Brice.


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“I love this easy makeup hack,” says Simpson. “This is a quick and easy way to color correct and conceal under-eye circles while subtly illuminating color from within and then enhancing it with your regular blush application.”

However, she clarifies that using a coral or peachy blush is best for this hack. Simpson notes, “This is the best color for color correcting most skin tones under circles. If your blush is too pink, your eyes can look redder, which wouldn’t be a great look.” Another pro tip from Simpson is to avoid blushes that are very glittery. “A little shimmer for the shine is okay, [but if it’s too glittery] it’s going to look a little under the eyes,” she explains.

If your skin is already quite mature, don’t worry. Simpson thinks this look is still worth trying. “The key is sticking with more [liquid] Formulas that aren’t too sticky or dry to avoid makeup settling into fine lines under the eyes. Start with a slightly translucent powder and use a creamy or liquid blush to easily blend into this look.”


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♬ Under Eye Blush – SPENCER

Dennis also agrees. “If you don’t overdo it with the blush, it can seem that way [a color corrector] or an under-eye neutralizer when mixed with concealer and results in a more natural looking eye area,” she shares.

Moor also thinks this is a “fabulous little hack”. She adds: “I love the trend, mostly because it provides TikTokers with fun content to follow along with. Plus, of course, makeup is always fun.” However, she stresses that “the main reason for using a pink/coral shade of blush is to erase our color in our skin before we apply concealer.” Moor says, “It does It’s fun to experiment with makeup, but if your main reason for doing it is to conceal dark circles and/or give a more youthful look, I recommend using a corrector that’s specially formulated for that purpose. The consistency and formula of a corrector is specifically designed for the under-eye area, allowing you to achieve the best possible result when concealing with a smooth, invisible finish.”


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According to Brice: “While I see the appeal and the fresh look, I would generally caution people against using products that are designed for the specific areas they are designed for. If you’re dying to follow this trend, a pink cream eyeshadow would be a much safer choice than applying blush so close to your eyes.” She warns, “There are products that are specifically formulated for your eyes, [and] Blush might have shimmer or other ingredients that are less safe for such a sensitive area.”

According to Brice, this makeup trend would probably be “more effective for younger people.” She mentions, “As we age, our skin thins and more capillaries become visible. This is especially true in the under-eye area, where our skin is initially thinnest. Adding red to that area probably just seems to make it more extreme.”

But overall, Brice clarifies, “I firmly believe that makeup is a form of self-expression. So if you want to try it, give it a try. Just make it safe! Makeup is definitely not one-size-fits-all and it could look good on someone, even at a certain age!”

Maybe the universe is telling you to try something new. How about this look for your next date night or when you go out with your girlfriends? Don’t be afraid to try it out. You’ll never know what kind of result you might end up with!


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