Doctor Mike calls out misinformation in videos (including his own).


Mike Varshavskiknown on the internet as Doctor Mike, is the most popular family doctor on the internet. In some of his most popular videos, he points out the misleading information he finds in TikTok videos. If a viral clip contains bad medical advice or dangerous stunts, Varshavski will be there to set things straight.

Although Varshavski is a medical mythbuster, he is not immune to factual inaccuracies. In his latest video, he identifies 12 mistakes he made in his previous videos and then provides the necessary fixes. “I’ve also had some misinformation slip my tongue,” he says in the video’s intro. “I’m human. Doctors make mistakes.”

Varshavski’s past mistakes range from innocent slips of the tongue to misconceptions about health and nutrition. Looking back at these mistakes, he exhibits a range of reactions: In some cases, he tries to defend his former self. At other points he holds his head in his hands and wonders how he could have fallen victim to hearsay. That honesty, combined with Varshavski’s natural charisma and good looks, made the correction video a hit. On its first day on YouTube, it received over a million views and landed on the platform’s trending tab.

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The last time we saw Varshavski he was battling iDubbbz in the Creator Clash Main Event. As it turns out, the doctor’s participation in the influencers’ boxing event is one of his mistakes. He originally guaranteed a knockout, only iDubbbz and his “granite chin” survived all five rounds without going down. Although Varshavski admits the inaccuracy of his initial boast, he contradicts iDubbbz’s claim that his punches were nothing more than “butterfly kisses”.

Regardless of how the fight unfolded, its results were exceptional. In his corrections video, Varshavski notes that Creator Clash Raised $1.3 million For charity.


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