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“Okay,” said KM and, as always, left me with the travel plans.

So I started checking dates and airfares and soon ran into a few problems. The first was that Southwest didn’t fly from Little Rock to Panama City Beach Airport, at least in May. Then I came up with my plan to go to Memphis, rent a car, leave my car at the airport, drive the rental car to the beach, enjoy a week of fun and frolic, the rental car at Panama City Beach Airport at the end of the week and fly back to Memphis, where our car would be waiting. Then instead of an 11-hour drive we would have a two-hour drive home.

And because I spent $ 780,000 on American Express, they gave me $ 300.00 in rental car coupons.

“What a great country,” I said. KM agreed.

So we left Little Rock as planned. I called my friend Fred on my way out of town and he said he hated me. “In all the years, has there been a better day than the day a person goes on vacation?” Asked Fred. I couldn’t imagine anyone.

We drove this beautiful scenic drive from Little Rock to West Memphis (kidding) with no problems. It wasn’t long before they discovered these cracks in the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi. I didn’t feel anything wrong.


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