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“Do you have a passion for your city and want to show it to other people from a local perspective?
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Who are we?

Spotted by Locals is a travel guide app and website that aims to showcase your city through the eyes of locals. Away from all the tourist traps and the obvious attractions and towards hidden gems and true culture that only locals can offer.

We are active in 82 cities around the world. In Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. This is only possible thanks to our huge community of around 500 spotters who are passionate about showcasing their city’s hidden gems and local culture.

be spotters

Being a spotter is such a rewarding thing (not our words). You can write about things you love, your hidden local secrets, those cute corners, the best restaurants and… Actually, whatever you want, that’s up to you! The only rule we have is that you can’t write about obviously touristy stuff and chain stores. Support your locals, that’s what we’re all about.

As a spotter, you become part of our spotter community, which is huge and diverse. A group of like-minded people who share many interests. This includes a love of travel, our city, other cultures and a community friendly spirit that shares acceptance, dedication and creativity.

Meet some of our spotters

Olya Kartcheva – Amsterdam

“I love Amsterdam for its variety of international cuisine, the possibility to cycle (almost) everywhere, all the cultural events (like music and art) and, when it’s sunny, all the beautiful canals. Here at Spotted by Locals I want to share with you all of these little gems that I usually look for when I travel myself!”

Ilse De Ridder-Barcelona

“Barcelona gets under your skin. You arrive for a short vacation, maybe a few months… and maybe stay for years! That happened to me too. As a Dutch girl, I am fascinated by the climate. Blue skies almost every day; Summer and winter – a welcome change from the gray skies in Holland. But Barcelona has so much more to offer than the sun. It has beaches, hills, great food, colorful people and music is always in the air. I love the combination of cosmopolitanism and relaxed atmosphere; Hipster-design bars go hand-in-hand with simply hanging out in a plaza with skaters all around you.

It’s vibrant, modern, full of culture and constantly changing. And so it is that every day, as I walk through the city, I find something that puts a smile on my face…”

Stefan Hedegaard – Copenhagen

“My life begins and ends in Copenhagen. I moved away from the city when I was young, but after 10-15 years I found my way back to the same streets I grew up on. Since I love to travel to other countries, it is also important to me to travel to my own country. I never tire of walking the streets of the very different areas of Copenhagen and visiting other cities in Denmark.

For me Copenhagen is a city with dark corners and bright lights. It may seem closed but if you go to the right places you will find that everything is open and everyone is welcome.”

Anita Kim-Toronto

“I was born and raised in Toronto, and by the time I entered 12th grade I knew I wanted to get out of Toronto. I spent ten years outside of this city – living in Vancouver, BC, Halifax, NS and traveling as much as possible. When I moved back in 2012 I fell in love with this city. Being away and experiencing other places made me realize how lucky I was to call Toronto home.

What I like best about this city is the variety of food options – I can eat Ethiopian on Monday, Thai on Tuesday, Indian on Wednesday, Korean on Thursday… well, you get the idea.”

Doug Daub-Philadelphia

“Where can you find the birthplace of America, more cheesesteaks than you can imagine, Rocky Steps and some of the most genuine people in the country? Considered a foodie and an incredibly small city, Philadelphia stands out in the US as one of the best cities to visit and live in. Philly still has a neighborhood feel but is home to more than 2 million.

To me, Philly is the right kind of dirty. It has everything that a larger city like New York has, but is still big enough to get lost if you want. It’s hard not to turn a corner and stumble upon a mural as Philly has the most in the world at over 3,600. It’s hard not to enjoy the Little Big City.”

Rym Abduljalil – Cairo

“An Eritrean-Somali creation from Egypt who is always on the go and is currently working as a Creative Content Developer and Strategist. Writing isn’t the only skill I use to get my message across to the world: photography was a lost talent that I recently regained. What I like about Cairo is how you can spend time alone here and still feel constantly surrounded by people.

It is a very rich city with cultural events, countless gastronomic offers and a wide range of places to choose from.”

Anna Hantelmann – Berlin

“Enthusiastic about writing, technology and aesthetics, currently working in 3D printing. After studying art history, media and psychology and living abroad in San Francisco, Rennes (also known as beautiful Brittany) and Paris, I am back in Berlin, where my family, friends and heart are – or always come to visit. As a native Berliner, I’ve always been spoiled by my city: cheap street food, 24-hour convenience stores and a gray that couldn’t be bigger anywhere else.

But seriously: Berlin and Berliners are often only seen in the dim light of nightlife when this historic but young city with its ambiguous aesthetics has so much more to offer.”

Are you passionate about your city and want to show it to other people from a local’s perspective? Become a spotter!


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