Dabuz explains his 13.0.1 ranking for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in detail in the latest YouTube videos


Back in December 2021, Liquid|Dabuz released a leaderboard for version 13.0.1 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When leaderboards are released, there are usually many who disagree with the rankings. It seems that Dabuz’s ranking was no exception as his original post on Twitter received a lot of attention from the community.

Dabuz then released seven videos totaling almost an hour and a half. If you’ve been wondering why a character was ranked a certain way on Dabuz’s leaderboard, this is the perfect way to find out why.

Unsurprisingly, Joker and Pyra & Mythra sit in the top tier of Dabuz’s rankings. These DLC characters have very strong results that support their rank positions.

According to Dabuz, Joker doesn’t actually have a major weakness. At worst, Joker relies a bit on filling up his Rebellion meter, but Arsene is an incredibly powerful mechanic for Joker.

However, Pyra & Mythra ultimately beat Joker for the top spot. Pyra & Mythra’s greatest strength over Joker is their low learning curve.

While Joker is a technically very complex fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pyra & Mythra have fairly simple game plans that are also extremely strong.

Attached below are Dabuz’s last three videos that feature the strongest characters on his leaderboard. To see the other four videos, you must go to Dabuz’s YouTube channel.

Image #1 of Dabuz's 13.0.1 SSBU tier list

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