Could This White Eyeliner Beauty Hack Help You Find Love?


The treasure trove of TikTok make-up tricks is always there, always serving something different and always managing to create viral hits. This is also the case with this latest TikTok beauty tip, whose virtues go beyond the aesthetic, because this sophisticated eyeliner technique also promises to find love with its mesmerizing power.

A few quick but cleverly placed points might be anything to completely change your life … or you might not.

This is probably one of the bizarre beauty tricks to come out of TikTok to date, but it already has millions of views. And there’s no denying that it’s safe – and that’s a good point in itself – and you should have no reason to bitterly regret trying it, as some other BeautyTok hacks might be.

If it really doesn’t suit you, a cotton ball and makeup remover – or an eco-friendly makeup remover sponge – is all you need to get rid of the minimal makeup traces of this beauty trick.

The technique known as “#Whitedots” not only transforms your beauty look, but – according to its instigator Michelle Diaz (@bymicellediaz) – could also help you find love! In fact, the young woman with almost 450,000 TikTok followers assures viewers that the tip will “hypnotize” men. Not a small promise!

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Look into my eyes…

All it takes to captivate the entire male population seems to be an eyeliner. And it has to be white, otherwise you have no chance. Who knew For decades, the indispensable tool for getting men to fall at our feet was easily accessible, and no one before Michelle Diaz had found the key to achieving their potential. Unbelievable. Fortunately, TikTokers are once again available to enlighten us.

In practice, all you have to do is apply your normal makeup and then apply four white dots of eyeliner around each eye. But not anywhere, otherwise it won’t work. The first two should be positioned in the inner and outer corners of the eye, then the other two under the lower lash line and just above the eyelid, exactly in the middle so that they are flush with the pupil. Then the sleight of hand is complete – you can now move on and wait for the magic to take effect.

While it may seem ridiculous, this beauty trick has already been viewed around 7.5 million times on the most popular Generation Z social network. And while we can believe that it might actually cast a spell on men, we wonder if a lettuce leaf between your teeth might not have the same effect.

Still, the possibilities when experimenting with eyeliner are so limited that this original beauty trick could at least represent an interesting alternative to the usual looks. And that counts for something!


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