Content creator Debasree Banerjee on creating a community and using makeup as a therapeutic tool


With face masks being the norm, changing your eye makeup has never been more important. Lipsticks will likely slip under a mask, and a sharp outline will be hidden (and blurred too!). You could play it safe – a simple cat’s eye will never harm you – but if you feel like trying something new, this is the time. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box eye makeup inspiration, a quick scroll through Debasree Banerjee’s Instagram can give the kick-off you’ve been looking for to try something really fun. The Content Creator has used every color in their palettes, be it a subtle orange or a graphic line in a bright blue. “Make-up is therapeutic for me and I love colors. While playing around I got really funny, bold looks on my lids. I wanted to break the stereotype and make these fun colors more wearable, ”she says. We spoke to her about her love of makeup, the content she enjoys creating, and the impetus to start her own brand, Debasree Beauty.

About building a community

For Banerjee, content creation was a way to create a community of people who could share a love for the makeup artist. “I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and followed influencers who recommended products that I would actually buy as if it were a suggestion from a friend of mine. I wanted to do the same thing – be someone’s sister or friend, “she says. Now fans and friends tune in to her YouTube channel and Instagram feed, with 232,000 and 304,000 followers respectively, for a sneak peek at Banerjee’s prey, Days in her life and in her tutorials, she’ll share the beauty products she loves – “lipstick and mascara” and the trends she’s not a fan of – “if you use a lot of foundation and blend them with your hands or if you do Use lipstick as under-eye color corrector “as well as training photos, travel photos and personal sneak peeks. But while the number of followers continues to grow, she still uses her social media as a platform to channel her creativity: “Playing with makeup” makes me magical. It is an expression and interpretation of my current mood. “

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