Cleaning: Ms. Hinch fan shares an “amazing” hack for removing hob stains – “you have to buy”


Ms. Hinch is a social media influencer who became famous after she started sharing her unusual cleaning hacks. The Guru’s fans inspire millions every day to clean their homes and regularly share their own cleaning finds with each other.

Natalie Kronda said: “Mine is coming today, can’t wait!”

Lily Taylor wrote: “Anyone reading this comment has to buy!

“It transformed my dingy hob and I couldn’t be happier with the result, it didn’t take too long either.”

Kayleigh added that she paid £ 3 on Amazon for her minky tool.

Another person, Maggie Williams, added, “I also agree, pink stuff works wonders for me.”

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser is a £ 1 cleansing product designed to remove grease and oil.

This makes it ideal for stovetops where burned food is likely to be found.

Stoves can also get dirty if they are not cleaned regularly.

One cleaning enthusiast shared how using a particular product that costs less than £ 2 made your oven racks ‘shiny’.

Cassie Lewtas wrote, “I am amazed at how good this oven cleaner is.

“I followed the instructions and left the shelves in the bag in the solution overnight.

“They sparkle! Like NEW, without even having to wipe it off. “

The Elbow Grease Oven Cleaning Kit works by placing oven racks in the supplied bag and the solution overnight.

It works on ovens, grills and in class and can be picked up for just € 1.99.


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