Clacton manager uses YouTube videos to stop £7000 scam


A CARER used knowledge gained on YouTube to save his neighbor from being scammed out of £7,000.

Keith Lawrence, 55, rushed to the aid of his 64-year-old neighbor who was being attacked by scammers.

In what is known as a refund scam, scammers target locations with elderly people and call at opaque times to catch potential victims off guard.

Keith said: “They called my neighbor at 7am so he assumed there was a serious problem.

“He didn’t have his glasses on and they tried to convince him that something was wrong.

“He ended up giving them his credit card number and three-digit security number, which wasn’t ideal.”

Keith from Tudor Estate, Jaywick wiped his neighbor’s computer but in the meantime the scammers called his neighbor and that’s how Keith realized the scam.

He added: “From the YouTube videos I watched I knew what was going to happen next, so I got my neighbor to pick up his phone and join in whatever he wanted.

“They asked him if he had withdrawn money from the bank they requested earlier, he lied and said yes.

“They then wanted him to put the money in two envelopes and send it to an address in Birmingham.”

Keith learned about these scammers and how they worked through two YouTube channels called Scammer Payback and Kitboga.

The channels have more than a million and two million subscribers, respectively, and their content is educational and entertaining.

In Scammer Payback’s most popular video, he uses a tone-changing device that alters his voice to sound like an older woman in order to beat the scammer at his own game.

In the video, scammer Payback refers to Anydesk, a remote desktop application that hackers repurpose to access potential victims’ computers.

Keith, who is caring for his wife who has epilepsy, said the scammers got nothing thanks to his intervention.

If you are a victim of crime, report your case to Action Fraud on 0300 123 240.


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