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The City of Colorado Springs will host a digital public meeting on July 6th on RetoolCOS, the city’s process of updating the current Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance.

City officials will present the draft of Module 3 on Review and Approval Procedures at the meeting, which will be held on July 6th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm and available on WebEx at Digital public meeting at the Citizens can also participate by calling 415-655-0003, access code: 1777 54 9754 #.

The Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance, which governs the use of their property by property owners, is being updated to provide the tools to implement the vision and goals of development in the city based on PlanCOS, the adopted comprehensive plan of the city.

The virtual open day for Module 3 covers review and approval procedures for applications submitted to the planning department, and which processes, review procedures, and approval authorities and practices are involved in the development process.

This module is the last of three modules that will make up the proposed unified development code before the publication of the consolidated draft in autumn this year, which is intended to replace Chapter 7 of the City Code – the current Building and Subdivision Ordinance.

A digital public open day was held in March to discuss the drafts of Modules 1 and 2 of RetoolCOS, which focused specifically on zoning and its permissible uses (Module 1) as well as development and design standards (Module 2) .

Zoning districts and their uses include which types of use are suitable for real estate, such as residential, commercial and industrial.

Development and design standards include landscape and park requirements, architectural standards, dimensional standards such as building setbacks and lot size, and subdivision rules including block length.

Throughout the design of Module 2, the proposed changes are intended to improve the quality of development, enable a more efficient land development process, and address the goals and objectives of objectives PlanCOS.

City staff and project team will also share the overall objectives of the project, basic land use and zoning issues and practices, types of changes that can be made to the Zoning and Subdivision Code, and provide input on current city regulations such as z they relate to the implementation of PlanCOS.

PlanCOS, the city’s guide to the future physical development of Colorado Springs over the next 20 years, was approved by the city council in January 2019.

Focusing on six themes – vibrant neighborhoods, unique locations, thriving economies, strong connections, renowned culture and majestic landscapes – PlanCOS sets the city’s land use vision and controls how the city will cope with future growth and change while building on the strengths of existing communities .

The subdivision and zoning regulations must be updated in order to meet the technical precautions to implement the PlanCOS vision.

The Land Use and Division Ordinance, which has not been comprehensively updated since the end of the 1990s, is being reviewed and revised with the aim of creating a new, modern and user-friendly uniform access regulation.

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