City guide: Where to live as an expat in Bangkok


There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Bangkok, and all offer something different, particularly the lifestyle. At Thaiger, we understand that there are many crucial factors such as: B. where you work, whether it is near the train station or whether it is a quiet or active area. If you are planning to live in Bangkok, we want to help you decide where to call home.

Please remember that foreigners cannot buy a freehold home and land here in Thailand, but it is fine to rent one (there are other options for “owning” property in Thailand). Both purchase and rental options are available for the apartments. Read more about “Property” HERE.

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Let’s start with the busiest place to live on this list. Asoke is a lively area with many office buildings and is also well connected to other areas in Bangkok. The MRT and BTS are right in front of Terminal 21, a popular shopping area on the corner of Asoke Montri and Sukhumvit Road. Lots of people come and go in the area, especially during peak hours. For some this may not be a place you would want to live, but let us explain… Everything is close at hand. Whether it’s your office, your favorite restaurant, gym or a place to shop.

However, all goodies come at a price, and that is the cost of living. Rentals around Asoke are expensive compared to other parts of Bangkok outside of the Sukhumvit Strip. Most places cost more than 25,000 baht per month. It’s hard to find a place for less than that unless you’re very lucky. The area is more suitable for single or couple expats.

Ladprao has it all. Good transport links, both MRT and BTS stations. There are many shopping opportunities such as Central Ladprao and the famous Chatchuchak market. If you decide to live in Ladprao you will have the advantage of having a park instead of being surrounded by hundreds of buildings. The area is home to many Thai people, and if you like a more local vibe, you’ll like it here.

Rent is affordable. You can easily find many apartments between 10,000 baht and 20,000 baht a month.

Tanga Lor
Thong Lor is known for its nightlife with chic bars, pubs and clubs. All have their own unique style to suit any audience. Anyone who loves the vibrant city and nightlife will love staying in Thong Lor. Although it’s known for its party scene, there’s no shortage of cafes and restaurants. There are countless options to choose from. Do you crave tasty but cheap food? Food stalls have you covered. International restaurants such as Italian, Japanese and Korean can also be found here. wanna chill There are cafes where you can sit back and relax.

You will find many rich Thai people in the area. Expats are here too. As you might have guessed, the area caters to the younger crowd or people who love nightlife. Rents are rather expensive here in Thong Lor. The average price is 30,000 baht per month, but it is usually higher.

Ekamai is more relaxed compared to Thong Lor. It’s again one of the trendy and expensive neighborhoods. You will be surprised to find many houses hidden behind the main streets. As for the apartments, they can be found scattered around the area, ranging from high-rise buildings to low-rise buildings. In the surrounding area you will find numerous restaurants, cafés and pubs. If you enjoy exploring, there are unique bookstore shops and vintage/antique shops.

In terms of rent, it is very similar or even identical to Thong Lor.

Ari has grown in popularity in recent years. It may not be as big as the three places above, but it has its own charm and character. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and places to drink without the craziness of city life. The BTS Skytrain runs through the area making it very easy to get around the city. Imagine a normal residential area but with a touch of the city. In general, you should be able to find a solid deal on real estate in the area.

bang well
Despite being on the outskirts of Bangkok, over the years it has gained prominence for affordable accommodation. There are many places to choose from, between new and old developments. Living in Bangna has two disadvantages. First, you need a car to get around. Second, it’s further away from the bustling part of Bangkok. That’s a blessing in disguise. The area is good for families as there is not much going on. It is also home to many Thai families. It’s great for anyone who wants to live in a quiet place.

On nut
Would you like to live close to the city center at an affordable price? Auf Nut is the place for you. It only takes 3 BTS stations to go to Phrom Phong and 5 BTS stations to go to Asoke. On Nut comes in handy for many, especially if you want value for money. There are many Thai residents here, but the number of expats is growing.

The downside is that it gets crowded but it’s a price to pay for the location and the price. You can rent apartments from 10,000 baht to 20,000 baht per month. BTS is easily accessible and two well-known supermarkets are located next to the station.

Do you want to live your best life? Money does not matter? Look no further than Ploenchit. You can find fine dining restaurants and cafes catering to the many expat groups working for many international companies. Central Chidlom and Central Embassy are the two malls here. As busy as it is during the day, you may be surprised to find it’s quiet at night.

For example, Noble Ploenchit, right next to Central Embassy, ​​her 1 bedroom with 60.50 square meters, costs 50,000 baht per month. You are here with your family, the 180 square meter, 3 bedroom unit costs a whopping 180,000 baht per month.

A home run
Bangkok has you covered when it comes to neighborhood options. There’s something for everyone. Living in any place has advantages and disadvantages. Finding the area that works for you can mean the difference between liking and disliking Bangkok.


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