Church bows to Pope Trump and attacks Biden


Just when you thought the Catholic Church had begun to present a modern, holistic and pastoral approach to its flock, come the bootboys of the spiritual right who deserve to descend into Dante’s vision of hell.

One can only imagine the frustration of this great and good man Pope Francis when he sees what his gross renegades have now done to the American Catholic right.

The main New York Times headline says it all:

“Catholic bishops target Biden, Catholic bishops promote controversial fellowship” – “The decision was a push to deny President Biden the sacrament for his stance on abortion and revealed divisions in American Catholicism.”

Attacking an American President who is the most devout Catholic to ever hold that position borders on the most hypocritical actions the Church has taken since its massive abuse cases were evaded, dismissed, and denied for decades before the filthy secrets came to light.

Now this generation of moral guards presumed to choose who were the saved and the fallen, the anointed and the devils.

The bishops have decided to hold Joe Biden responsible for his nuanced and precise abortion stance. He is personally against it, but rejects the idea of ​​imposing his views on others.

It is a sensible position on a sensitive subject in which there are no clear lines that sanctify one position or another.

Biden has shown himself to be a man of deep faith who credits his religion for enabling him to overcome incredible adversities.

Both he and Pope Francis see their task in pastoral terms, determined to help the helpless, as Christ urged everyone to do in the Sermon on the Mount.

We all know what happens when Roe V Wade is knocked over. Women in need, mostly minority groups, will resort to hangers, drugs, or self-harm to prevent the child from being born to a rapist, say, a depraved father or other family member or other criminal malefactor.

Meanwhile, the rich are simply flying elsewhere to a state where abortion is still legal.

The bishops will not care about such backyard abortions or inevitable deaths that will occur. They will wiggle their virgin willpower, that’s right and they did their duty for the real Pope Donald the 1st.

They will ignore any abuse on the other hand, such as allowing about 15,000 murders a year for blocking sensible gun control laws, they will ignore the former president’s sexual adventures, they will ignore the racist attacks on the right to vote that are considered right -wing- Politics in this country will ignore criminal efforts to overthrow the legitimately elected (Supreme Court 9-0) President of the United States.

Instead, they follow the vitriol and poison and stir the pot even more.

In this way comes something evil, said the Macbeth witches. You are certainly right in this context too. You split the American church and the church will pay dearly


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